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Schooner Heritage charging across the Bay

photo courtesy of Carol Latta

May 2012

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Hello from the Schooner Heritage
in Rockland, Maine!  

Hi Shipmates,
We are still working at getting the Heritage ready to sail.  There is quite a big crew here to make everything happen.  The topmasts went up on Thursday...
Schooner Heritage, no topmasts
Schooner Heritage, top masts in place
and Adam has just finished bending on the main topsail and furling it. 
Adam at the top of the main mast
All four small boats, Clark Kent, the yawl boat, Archie, the big row ashore boat, Lois Lane, the sailing and rowing boat, and New Meadows, the one-person row boat, are ready to launch after being carefully sanded, painted and varnished, complete with oars, lines and fenders.
 Small boats waiting to be launched

Burma II, our galley cookstove, went aboard on May 1st.  She looks great and heats all that hot water we like.  Her first offering was our favorite yellow cake on last Saturday.
Marybeth and her new workmate, Burma II
Marybeth, our cook, standing next to
the new cook stove, Burma II.
We're looking forward to getting the food aboard, the pillowcases on, with a chocolate kiss on each one, and the deck chairs comfortably arranged amidships and back aft for the steering committee.  We better put that lovely newly varnished wheel back in place, too!

Doug and Linda went to the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce's first annual dinner to accept the Beacon Award for the Maine Windjammer Association. 
This award recognizes a business or organization that has attracted significant positive regional or national attention to the Penobscot Bay region that has resulted in a rise in economic activity for the local business community.
We enjoyed the evening at the Samoset and parked our special Excalibur at the front entrance.

We can't wait to meet and greet everyone on June 5th for the first trip in 2012.  Hope to see you aboard to sail with us out past the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse and out on Penobscot Bay.



Schooner Heritage celebrating her 30th year.