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Ashore for a lobster picnic
photo courtesy of Bill Fleet

April 2012  

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Hello from the Schooner Heritage
in Rockland, Maine!  

Hi Shipmates,
Spring outfitting is here!  We're busy getting the Schooner Heritage all ready for sailing.  We've been sanding, varnishing, painting, scraping and greasing masts and pine-tarring rigging.  Haul-out day was about 2 weeks ago. 
Schooner Heritage coming out of the water on the marine railway
We had the vessel out of the water on the marine railway for about 2 days.  From leaving our dock to getting all tied-up again was just 52 hrs. 
Adam painting at the bow
The bottom has been checked and painted and some of the ivory topsides are painted.  The Heritage was comfortably back at her own dock for her birthday on April 16th.
Both captains are doing fine. Capt. Doug's orthopedic surgeon is very pleased with Doug's progress. He still goes to physical therapy twice a week and sometimes uses his handsome Rosewood cane in the afternoon when he's put in a busy day getting the schooner ready to sail.
Capt. Linda's pitching in, directing and working with the crew sanding and painting. We have some new crew members here now so we need to work with them. We'll both be ready for sailing.
photo courtesy Bill Fleet
Our 1st trip, a 4-day on June 5th, still has space available, maybe even your favorite cabin. If you have limited time and want to see the tiny white seal pups on the ledges, the lilacs and spring foliage on the islands, and the quiet harbors, this may be the trip for you. 
 Schooner Gam
We have many special trips planned for this season. The Schooner Gam is the trip of June 10th when lots of schooners will tie-up together on Monday evening.  It's a lively time with music as well as an opportunity to visit the other vessels.  Fred LeBlanc will be aboard for the trip offering his photography workshop. (There is a fee of $75 for those who wish to participate.) The Gam offers a unique chance to photograph other windjammers.
Our Summer Solstice and Story Telling trip of June 17th is another favorite. With the longest days of the year, we visit harbors we don't go to later in the season.  Capt. Doug will treat us to his myriad of stories about Archie and his antics. There will be a new moon on June 19th so we have a good chance to see lots of stars later each evening.
photo courtesy of Bill Fleet
On our July 8th trip, Lighthouses and Sketching, artist Buckley Smith will be aboard to offer informal sketching advice for those who are interested. (No additional charge.)  We will try to get close to lots of lighthouses throughout the week so you can get wonderful photographs.  The Windjammer Parade is on Friday afternoon with many schooners sailing close to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.  The lighthouse will be open for tours!

Many of you have called or emailed about an ad in Sail magazine. We were trying to do this quietly but the secret is out. Since none of our former crew or mates or daughers are interested in owning the Schooner Heritage, we have finally formally offered her for sale. It will most likely take more than a year to sell her.  This is a pretty specialized business and the Great Windship is quite a handful.
Schooner Heritage
photo courtesy Carol Latta
This will be our 30th season aboard the Heritage and we fully intend to enjoy the sailing, the food, the harbors, and visiting with all of you.  Doug and Linda will be your hosts as always in 2012.  We'll talk about 2013 when we know more.  Perhaps we'll be "showing the ropes" to some new prospective owners or we may be sailing our fine vessel as usual for many more seasons.  We will all have to wait and see.

Hope you'll join us this to celebrate our 30-year anniversary aboard in 2012.



Schooner Heritage celebrating her 30th year.