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Schooner Heritage at anchor in a warm sunset
Schooner Heritage at anchor in a warm sunset.         
 Photo courtesy Dick Loehr

March 2012
Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Hello from the Schooner Heritage
in Rockland, Maine!  

Hi Shipmates,
Happy Spring to all. Boy did our spring start out warm last week.  It was in the 80's here!!!  We're about back to winter now though.
We want to thank all of you who responded to our e-newsletters.  We just didn't quite get to write back.  
Doug hard at work on his first day without a cast
First day with the ankle brace.  Look, no walker, no cane.
Doug just graduated  to a light-weight brace for his leg/ankle.  No more cast!!!  The doctor is happy and the physical therapist is too!  Doug still goes to physical therapy twice a week and Linda has been going once every two weeks.  Doug started driving his truck again last week.  He did drive the crane from our house back to the shipyard two weeks ago!  We had to get it out of our yard where we used it for garage work.
Doug driving for the first time since the accident
Doug in the Little Giant crane ready to drive
back to the shipyard.
Our new crew and our returning crew will start in on spring outfitting with us next week.  We got some projects completed at the shipyard last week so we're ready to go.
Emptying the sap buckets while the oxen wait
Earland Luce collecting sap at Rock Maple Acres with Nip & Tuck in their yoke waiting patiently.
The Maine maple syrup that we serve aboard is harvested in Burkettville, part of Appleton, Maine about 22 miles from Rockland.  At Rock Maple Acres, Earland Luce and his wife Christine along with their children work on making the maple syrup.  Sometimes Earland yokes the oxen, Nip & Tuck, to collect the sap.  The 2-ton team doesn't always work together smoothly as one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican, according to Earland.  It takes forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. On the schooner we use 12 gallons of syrup each season.  You do the math!  In addition to syrup, Rock Maple Acres also provides the firewood for Burma, the cookstove.
Capt Linda with new cook stove and builder

Capt. Linda and Jimmy Steele, with Burma II, ready to come home.

Burma II is looking quite spiffy.  We picked her up last Saturday.  Jimmy Steele was very pleased with his creation.  He managed to use many of the original pieces from Burma so she looks the part.  Our next big spectacular project will be to get her aboard and in place.
That will be later on when the cover comes off the schooner so we can use the crane.
Heritage launching
April 16, 1983 Launch Day

2012 will be the 30th sailing season for the Schooner Heritage. We launched her on April 16th, 1983 and have always been your captains and hosts aboard. Why, we've been "Holding a turn since 1983". We hope to have some mugs available in the ship's store for you this season.
The young Captains Lee with Clara and Rachel
Captain Doug with Clara on his shoulders, and Captain Linda holding Rachel just before Schooner Heritage launch day 1983.

We're looking forward to a great 2012 sailing season.  Hope to see you aboard soon!



Schooner Heritage celebrating her 30th year.