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Winter at the shipyard
 Winter 2012
Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Hello from the Schooner Heritage
in Rockland, Maine!  

Hope everyone is doing fine this winter--spring will be here before we know it.  Our winter has been different.  Work on our garage stopped pretty much in late December.  Doug fell 8 1/2 feet from the staging on December 22nd, the solstice, and had to have surgery to put 3 stainless steel screws in his broken ankle.  For his 65th birthday we had planned a Medicare card party which was going to be the next day. The party went on and he met people at the door with his cast and walker.  They thought it was a good joke, then you should have seen their expressions change when they found out it was real.  Today is our 40th day of captivity.  Doug is behaving and taking it easy.  Shary hopes to have a "cast-off" party on February 10th.


Doug in his study with his leg up
Doug in his study.


Keith, the mate, is here working on schooner projects.  Archie and New Meadows are shiny and ready to go for a row.  All the oars are ready and waiting. Clark Kent is getting many coats of varnish this week.  Lois Lane is next.   The firewood to make those nice meals is being stacked.



Keith varnishing Clark Kent
Keith varnishing Clark Kent
Speaking of those nice meals, Burma, our Shipmate stove, is going through a metamorphosis.  She was very tired and needed lots of attention.  Marybeth will be returning next summer to perform galley wonders.



Burma's space
Burma's space in the galley.
From the office windows Shary and Linda see lots of seabirds and ducks in the cove by the Heritage.  We especially enjoy the one large loon who seems to be here everyday.


Shary's view of the world
Shary's view of the world.
Please call to save your favorite cabin. Looking forward to seeing you aboard again soon.