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Anchored for the lobster picnic

photo courtesy Bill Fleet

 Early Spring 2011
Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Happy Spring!  
Winter is over here and we are ready for spring. It's some different from our last newsletter.  The snow is gone and it's getting warmer although we don't have any flowers yet.

We are wrapping up our winter projects, the work on the house and such and getting the shipyard ready for all the spring haulings.  As you can see on the left side of the picture, there's a vessel on the railway now.  You can see her stern with someone working.

The last day of March at the Shipyard


Keith is here working with us after a renewing week off.  He'll be happy to have other crew here next week. We have some new crew coming and Adam and Katie will be here.  Colin will be back in early May.


Your captains took some time off this winter.  In February we took a quick driving trip to Long Island, New York to check out three Excaliburs, none of them were for us.  Last week we flew to Louisville, Kentucky and drove a 1967 Excalibur Phaeton home from Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

1967 Excalibur "Ruby"

Our 1967 Excalibur Phaeton

It was a little chilly since the canvas top was not tight.  We were racing the weather as our windshield wipers didn't work.  We made it!


Shary took a vacation week and is back in the office at the phone when you call.  Her black lab, Guinness, is her able assistant. 

We'll try to keep you posted on our progress this spring as we get the Heritage painted, polished, and ready to sail.  We hope to see you aboard.
All the best,