Sparky the Wonderfish - Reminder
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Larchmont Charter School, West Hollywood
Creative Writing Enrichment Class:
Wednesday, October 28
3:00-4:00 pm

Gillian Lee Hutshing will be reading Sparky he Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic for the students of The Larchmont Charter School in West Hollywood, California.

"Meet Sparky the Wonder Fish and published children's book author Gillian Lee Hutshing. She will discuss how a story becomes a book! Sparky will tell all and share FREE stickers and literary games!"

The Larchmont Charter School has an enrichment program which offers opportunities to engage in poetry and storytelling through written and/or oral language and integrated arts including illustration, drama, and puppetry. It is structured to develop creative expression in children, regardless of reading/writing skills.

...and if Gillian can get someone to wear it, the
NEW Sparky Costume!

Sparky the Wonderfish Stickers, Bookmarks and Coloring pages! Come and get them!!!

Contact: Hannah Merrall
Please feel free to email Hannah at

Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic

Schools and libraries can purchase this heartwarming and engaging book at a discount from the Publisher by contacting their ordering department at 866-308-6235  Bookstores and libraries order as a wholesaler by contacting Baker & Taylor distributors at 800-775-3700.  

Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic is also available through, Borders Bookstores and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.