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Moving forward with plans...
We are working very hard on the "Sparky the Wonderfish Gulf Coast Hope & Literacy Tour" taking my children's book "Sparky The Wonderfish" and using this "story of how love creates magic" to help rebuild the Gulf Coast disaster areas, aimed towards the educational wants and needs of the children affected by these disasters i.e. schools, libraries and hospitals. 

There have been many more hurricanes since Katrina which have continued to batter the Gulf Coast. We need to increase attention in these areas and support the children who continue to suffer from these hurricanes and devastation to their lives and their hope for the future. I am planning a tour along the Gulf Coast reading and donating books and supplies. I have joined forces with an artistic director for an internationally owned private school on the central coast. Her brother lives on the Gulf Coast and is helping us connect with the right people there.  I will be traveling to the Gulf Coast to do further "boots on the ground" research to determine the specific stops we will make and what the exact needs are as far as books and supplies. 

We are also pursuing print and media attention to support our efforts and we need your support.  We are interested in joining forces with organizations or corporations who would help contribute to this cause... or if anyone knows how to forward this plan to Oprah or Ellen or Bonnie Hunt... I think they would be interested... that would be awesome!

We appreciate any and all sponsorship!  My goal is to renew interest along the Gulf Coast by reading and donating my books and supplies to the kids as well as to raise money to build at least one new green school and library.  We need to get peoples lives back on track and increase HOPE & LITERACY - it's been messed up along the Gulf Coast for way too long!!!

Thank you!!!
Author & Illustrator, Gillian Lee Hutshing

Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic

Schools and libraries can purchase this heartwarming and engaging book at a discount from BookSurge Publishing by contacting their ordering department at 866-308-6235  Bookstores and libraries order as a wholesaler by contacting Baker & Taylor distributors at 800-775-3700.  

'Sparky the Wonderfish' is also available through, Borders Bookstores and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.