Dancing In Amdo
50 years in exile
Dancing in Amdo

DANCING IN AMDO takes you further inside the Tibet story than ever before. Interviews from both sides of this super-charged issue meet for the first time in DANCING IN AMDO, the most important and urgent documentary ever made on the subject.
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In February 2005, the group hosted the first Nanaimo Global Film Festival as part of the Travelling World Community Film Festival. It is intended that this festival will become an annual, self-sustaining event in Nanaimo with an expanding program of awards for local filmmakers working on social justice themes.
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On this date in 1959, fifty years ago today, His Holiness the 14th Dalai left his home and country Tibet, never to return. In exile 50 years, will the Dalai Lama ever return to Tibet? Dancing in Amdo provides historical first person accounts of this tradgic debacle. It includes intereviews with His Holiness the 14the Dala Lama and Prime Minister Samdhong Rinpoche.
Wobblimind Media will be donating part of the proceeds from this months sale of Dancing in Amdo to The Tibetan Photo Project.

Please forward this to your concerned friends and family during this time of urgency.
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My good friends Joe and Sazzy Mickey co-ordinate The Tibetan Photo Project .  Here is their mission Statement-

"Recognizing that there is much that we can learn from the Tibetans:

The goal of The Tibetan Photo Project is to provide the tools and technical education in photography to create a voice from the films and photos by Tibetans.

While there have been thousands of great visual works documenting the Tibetans, most have been from the perspective of the Western eye.

The Tibetan Photo Project is  working to present the Tibetans' own perspective through the Website, exhibits, films, DVDs and other visual programs created from their own photographic work or by film and photo efforts directed by Tibetans."

Please visit The Tibetan Photo Project at
Dancing in Amdo
Directors:Carl Cimini
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REMINDER: Dancing in Amdo will be showing on March 22nd at the Nanaimo Global Film Festival
Nanaimo Global Film Festival Group is a central Vancouver Island coalition of peace and social justice groups interested in screening films about the world situation and the Canadian context. Members of the NGFFG believe that a better world is possible and that ordinary people need better information about the world and its systems.

The coalition includes: Global Village Nanaimo (GVN); Council of Canadians; Nanaimo Duncan & District Labour Council (NDDLC); Malaspina Faculty Association (MFA); Media Studies, Malaspina; Rights & Democracy, Nanaimo Delegation; Nanaimo District Teachers' Association, and CHLY 101.7 Radio Malaspina. This year's media sponsors are: Synergy Magazine, Nanaimo News Bulletin, CHLY Radio, and The Mind's Eye. This year's Film Award sponsors are Mid Island Co-op, Rights and Democracy, Nanaimo, Global Village, and Malaspina Media Research Lab/SSHRC.
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March 22 2009
900 Fifth Street,
Vancouver Island University
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(250) 390-3363
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