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Wobblimind Media Announces

Dancing in Amdo DVD release.
Pittsburgh, PA (Jan 27, 2009) - In honor of Losar, The Tibetan New Year, Wobblimind Media, Producer/Director Carl Cimini announces the DVD release of his  timely and critically important documentary Dancing in Amdo, the most complete work to date on the Tibet/China crisis. Cinetic Rights Management has made Dancing in Amdo available exclusively at

Inside the politics of Tibet
HHDL bow Dancing in Amdo takes the viewer inside China for an unprecedented, in-depth look at the current state of the Tibet Autonomous Region from the perspective of Tibetans living within China and those living in exile in India.  In never-before seen interviews, officials of the People's Republic of China offer their perspectives on the relationship between China, Tibet and the Tibetan today, and explain their efforts to preserve Tibetan culture.  Dancing in Amdo also explores freedom of Buddhist religious practice in China from the perspective of monks living and practicing in today's Tibet.

Dancing in Amdo explores the struggles of Tibetans living in exile to save Tibetan culture from extinction.  In an interview from his residence in exile in Dharamsala, India, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama offers his view on the future of Tibet, its culture and its people.  Officials of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Buddhist monks, teachers, artists and other exiled Tibetans describe the challenges they face as they strive to save Tibetan culture while living as refugees in India.

Dancing in Amdo Features Interviews with:

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Melvyn C. Goldstein, Ph.D., Co-Director of The Center for Research on Tibet at Case Western Reserve University, adds valuable insight and historic context to Dancing in Amdo.

Narrated by BBC broadcaster Carl Stiansen, Dancing in Amdo features an amazing original soundtrack by Tibetan recording artists JJI Exile Brothers.  

About Wobblimind Media
Wobblimind Media was founded in 2002. Wobblimind Media focuses on creation and production of ethno graphic documentary content for use in all mediums. Our projects enclude, educational, cultural, and entertainment programing.  WM can bring your ideas and dreams to life.
Cinetic Rights Management (CRM)
Formed in 2007, Cinetic Rights Management provides comprehensive film sales representation for digital media.  Cinetic has become the industry gold standard through aggressive sales and innovative dealmaking.  That reputation now extends to digital platforms through CRM.  CRM is dedicated to assessing the universe of licensing opportunities in order to maximize revenue on behalf of filmmakers.  CRM maintains up-to-the-minute relationships with and knowledge of all digital retailers, from the large portals serving the broadest audiences to the small sites serving deep niche interests.
Dancing in Amdo
You can now purchase Dancing in Amdo at Amazon by just clicking here

List Price: 19.95

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