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Haridwar Gate of God

a journey into the soul of  Hinduism
Our trusty film crew in Delhi, India at the Red Fort.
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tonight the 10th anniversary of Film Kitchen
 September, 9th 2008, PITTSBURGH  Pittsburgh Filmmakers Film Kitichen 10th anniversary

About this documentary,
Haridwar Gate of God takes the viewer to one of the oldest cities on Earth, Haridwar, India for an unprecedented look into Hinduism through the eyes of a father,  daughter and a family in mourning. During an impromptu meeting with Director Cimini, a conversation ensues. This casual discussion of the cultural norms of India, her people and her religion, takes the viewer into the world of contemporary India where both ancient customs and traditions exist symbiotically side by side with modernity.

Haridwar Gate of God gives insight to contemporary Indian culture and the pure power of Hinduism by allowing the viewer to experience the belief and love of mystical and often misunderstood religion at the age old event know as the Ganges Arti Puji or river tribute ceremony.  With the Ganges River as the back drop,  Haridwar Gate of God not only documents but gives tribute to the world's oldest religion: Hinduism.  Shot as a side project while on location in India shooting the documentary Dancing in Amdo,  Haridwar Gate of God presents a rare glimpse into a world little known to Western audiences. The splendor of a million candlelights floating along the Ganges illuminates the beauty of India.

Narrated by Cimini himself, Haridwar Gate of God features a live-recorded sound track of the hypnotic Hindu hymnals sung nightly at the Ganges by its 30,000 devotees, leaving the viewer exalted.

Haridwar Gate of God also explores the funeral pyre ritual thru the Kumar family and the passing of their family patriarch.  Haridwar Gate of God allows the viewer access to the emotional and personal scenes of the most sacred event in Hinduism- the funeral ceremony.  

The documentary, Haridwar Gate of God, not only pays homage to Indian culture, but is a testament to the amazing feats that can be accomplished today in low budget indie filmmaking.

Haridwar Gate of God will be screened at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, on September 9th as part of the 10th anniversary of Film Kitchen, in the Melwood Screening Room located at 477 Melwood Ave.  For more information, contact Pittsburgh Filmmakers at (412) 681-9500 or Pittsburgh Filmmakers, on the web at

For more information about Haridwar Gate of God, to schedule a screening, or to receive a DVD screener for review, contact Spahr Schmitt at (412) 621-6463 or at
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A sincere thanks to everyone who supported the Dancing in Amdo premiere this past weekend.  Due to the fantastic amount of interest, I am hoping to schedule another run in the near future.   Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone who may want to schedule a screening.  Dancing in Amdo will be available on line for down load very soon.  I will be sure to announce the date.


Carl Cimini