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 September 2012

Get rewarded for recruiting predental members 

This incentive program begins Sept. 10 with the 2013 membership year. First place earns $250, second place earns $150 and third place earns $100. For chapters to earn credit for their recruitment efforts, the predental students must select the chapter when completing the online application. ASDA can provide predental benefit materials and presentations to assist with the recruitment efforts. Winners will be announced at Annual Session 2013 during the Gold Crown Awards ceremony. For more details or predental recruitment resources, contact Danielle Bauer, director of membership, at

National Leadership Conference registration deadline Friday

Chapters can register current ASDA members through this Friday, Sept. 21 for the National Leadership Conference in Chicago and make changes/substitutions to registration for free until Oct. 26. Register predoctoral members online using unique logins that have been sent to delegates or send in a  registration form via e-mail, fax or mail to ASDA. Please contact Meghan Keelean at with questions. 

Three things to know about 2013 membership dues remittances

  1. Membership is now open for the 2013 year. Remittance processors at your school should have received an e-mail with their user name and password for the online remittance system. If your chapter would like access to recorded webinars that demonstrate the remittance process, contact Erin Kato at
  2. If chapters submit their remittances and dues payments in full by Nov. 21, they will receive $100. There is an additional bonus of $50 for chapters that include e-mail addresses for ALL of their members with the remittance by Nov. 21. It is important that ASDA has members' e-mails so that they receive benefits and updates from ASDA. We have a strict policy on the number of e-mails that we send our members, so reassure them that they will receive less than four e-mails per month from central office.
  3. Please explain to your new first years that membership runs on a calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31), so their membership doesn't officially begin until Jan. 1, 2013. However, once ASDA receives the membership remittance along with payment for all of your members, we will process their memberships and they will begin to receive some of their benefits early, such as their publications, access to the website and insurance benefits. Until we receive the remittance and payment from your chapter, they are not members and do not have an ASDA and ADA membership number.

If you have any questions on membership or the remittance process, please contact Erin Kato, membership administrator, at

The ASDA perspective at the ADA   

Every ADA council and commission includes an ASDA representative who shares the student perspective within the governance structure of the ADA. Congratulations to the 2012-13 ASDA representatives who begin their appointments in October following the ADA Annual Session:

  • New Dentist Committee - Alex Barton, Virginia '13
  • Council on ADA Sessions - Scott Levitz, Stony Brook '14
  • Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations - Becky Warnken, Marquette '13
  • Council on Communications - Jaclyn Rivera, Midwestern-Arizona '13
  • Council on Dental Benefit Programs - Jessica Hsieh, Los Angeles '13
  • Council on Dental Education and Licensure - Keri Jamison, Louisville '13
  • Council on Dental Practice - Ben Youel, Illinois '13
  • Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs - Chrissy Tiller, Midwestern-Arizona, '13
  • Council on Government Affairs - Michael Pappas, Ohio '14
  • Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Programs - Andrew Hansen, Ohio '14
  • Council on Membership - Kyle Beulke, Nebraska '13
  • Council on Scientific Affairs - Phil Bell, Florida '14
  • American Dental Political Action Committee - Ross Isbell, Alabama '14
  • Commission on Dental Accreditation - James Kolstad, Marquette '15
  • Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations - Jiwon Lee, Columbia '14

Learn more about the ADA Councils and Commissions in Understanding Organized Dentistry found in the Dental Student Membership section of

YouTube videos for new members

Use ASDA's YouTube channel ( ) to introduce students to the organization, leadership opportunities and national events such as National Leadership Conference and Annual Session 2013. Chapters can incorporate these videos into presentations to new students during orientation and chapter events.

ASDA reaches 89% market share in 2012 

Aug. 31 ended the 2012 membership year with 19,762 members, including 18,812 predoctoral, 921 predental and 29 international dental student members. ASDA has exceeded our strategic goal reaching 89 percent market share. This total exceeds the membership numbers from 2012 by 1,250 members. You can download a list of your chapter's members using the  Membership Directory. This list provides members' ASDA membership number and e-mail address on file. If you have any questions regarding your chapter's membership totals, contact Erin Kato, membership administrator, at

Membership FAQ 

How do I login to ASDA's website?
To login to ASDA's website, go to and use your last name as your user name and ASDA number as your password.
What is my ASDA number and how do I obtain this number?
Every dental student is assigned a number by the ADA after they receive an official enrollment list from your school. This number does not change and is your ADA number throughout your career in dentistry.
ASDA and ADA use this number as a unique identifier for each member. This number is included in your record in both ASDA and ADA's systems. You will receive your membership number and benefits booklet 4-6 weeks after joining ASDA. ADA will mail a membership card after January. If you misplace your number, you can contact ASDA at 800-621-8099, ext 2795 or

Quote of the Month
Some men see things the way they are and ask, "Why?" I dream things that never were, and ask "Why not?"
---- George Bernard Shaw

This e-newsletter is sent to ASDA's national leaders, first and second delegates and dental school deans.
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