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 July 2012
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Legislative & Regulatory Update: Licensure of Dentists
Many states have recently created legislation that would allow dentists to give back in a charitable manner with less restrictive licensure procedures. Dentists can now give uncompensated care with less restriction on their licenses. For example, retired dentists in Rhode Island can volunteer at free health clinics without paying a licensure fee. Minnesota, Utah and Oregon also have enacted similar volunteer or guest license laws (SLR p. 1-2). 
Financial Incentives Legislative Update
As many dental students are troubled by the rising costs of dental school, new bills introduced in New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Hawaii may alleviate the stress for some students. Bills provide loan forgiveness to dentists who practice in areas designated as having a shortage of dentists, treating Medicaid patients, or treating in rural areas (SLR p. 3).
From the States
Congress Passes Student Loan Legislation
On June 29, Congress passed a bill that would keep subsidized student loan rates at 3.4 percent until June 2013.  
Global Biomedical Research at Risk of Endangerment

Many countries have been investing more money into biomedical research proportional to their economic status than the United States. The National Institutes of Health has recently been looking at governmental cuts that could be up to 8% of their current funding
(WU p. 5).

Please view the ADEA Washington Update and the ADA's State Legislative Report for more information on these topics.

You can also visit ASDA's "Advocating the Issues" webpage.
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