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 April 2012
Resolutions Adopted at 2012 House of Delegates
At the annual session held in Minneapolis, the House of Delegates considered resolutions on topics such as student-to-student injections, involvement in public health, resources for advanced standing members and oral hygiene awareness in rural communities. The House approved updates to the standing rules of the association and changes to our licensure policies A-1 and L-1. View the adopted resolutions here.
National Leadership Conference Registration Opens in May
Registration will open next month for the new National Leadership Conference. The meeting focuses on building your professional skills related to public speaking, managing finances, mentoring others and sharpening your leadership skills. Save $50 per person when you register by June 29. Show this promo video to your chapter to get students excited about this inaugural event.  
Register for Free Webinar: "Public Speaking-Conquer Your Fears, Master Your Words"
Join Dr. Chris Salierno, vice chair of the ADA New Dentist Committee and 2004-05 ASDA president, on Tuesday, April 24, to learn simple presentation tricks for beginners and advanced techniques for pros. To register for this free, member-only webinar click here. Registration closes Thursday, April 19. After registration, you'll receive instructions for signing in on the date of the event. For more information, contact the ADA New Dentist Committee at or 800-621-8099 ext. 2779. 
Chapter Resource: Predental Recruitment Materials 
ASDA has created several materials for chapters to use when holding predental events, including a PowerPoint presentation on the benefits of joining ASDA, recruitment brochures, benefit flyers and more. Download PDFs online or request hard copies from Erin Kato, membership administrator, at
2012 Membership Exceeds 2011
As of March 31, ASDA has 18,267 members, including 17,602 predoctoral, 647 predental and 18 international dental student members. This total exceeds the membership numbers from March 2011 by 539 members. You can download a list of your chapter's current members using the Membership Directory. This list provides members' ASDA membership number and email address on file. If you have any questions regarding your chapter's membership totals, contact Erin Kato, membership administrator, at 
ADA Member Insurance Continues After Graduation
Most of the class of 2012 signed up for life and disability insurance from ADA Insurance Plans. Coverage in the student plans continues through Dec. 31 and graduates can renew their coverage in 2013.


New grads who pursue post-doc study can request to stay in the ADA student program without paying premiums. Those who enter practice will receive their first invoice in December for coverage in the ADA plans for practicing dentists.


Please encourage your fourth years to contact ADA Insurance Plans as soon as possible with updated personal info and post-graduation plans; those who go online by May 1 can even get a $10 iTunes gift card! Call 888-463-4545 with questions about the transition period, and contact Leslie Franklin if your chapter would like handouts or giveaways for senior sendoff events.

Membership FAQs

I am graduating from dental school in May. What happens with my ASDA and ADA membership?

Since ASDA's membership runs on a calendar year, you are still a predoctoral member of ASDA until Dec. 31, 2012. This means, you are still eligible for the full benefits of ASDA, including health insurance, free life and disability insurance and our publications. Be sure to update your contact information with ASDA so you can continue to receive your benefits (see below for instructions on updating your address).


ADA membership also runs on a calendar year so your student membership does not expire until Dec. 31. However, now is the time to start planning your conversion from student to active ADA membership. You have several options, depending on your next step after graduation: 1) graduate student membership if you are going into a graduate program or residency; 2) tripartite membership through your state society, if you will be an associate, starting a practice, or faculty of a dental school; 3) federal dental service membership for those going into the armed forces or becoming a federal employee; and 4) provisional membership if you have graduated but haven't started a professional career yet. All categories have reduced rates. For details, visit   


How do I update my contact information?

There are three ways to update your contact information, including email address, with ASDA:

  1. Go online to and login as a member using your last name as your user name and ADA number as your password
  2. E-mail 
  3. Call 800-621-8099, ext. 2795

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

Quote of the Month
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----Robert F. Kennedy

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