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 March 2012
ASDA Advocacy
National Dental Student Lobby Day
Make a difference in your profession. Attend National Dental Student Lobby Day, April 16-17, to learn about legislative issues that will affect how you practice dentistry. Participate in meetings with your members of Congress to talk about dental issues. Sign up by Tuesday, March 13. Click here for registration and hotel reservation information.
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Georgia Attends Law Day
On Wednesday, Jan. 25, 30 ASDA students from Georgia Health Sciences University attended the ASDA GDA LAW Day. That morning, students met with Georgia Dental Association (GDA) Executive Director Martha Phillips, who reviewed current state issues. The meeting ended with assignments to meet with State Senators and Representatives who are key to obtaining support for upcoming bills. After meeting with legislators at the capitol building, the group had lunch at the GDA office where they met the GDA staff as well as understanding the resources they offer
District 1 Hosts Debate
Last month, District 1 had its third annual inter-school debate with sponsorship from Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) and Gentle Dental. Students from Tufts, BU and Harvard debated issues such as esthetics as a specialty, portfolio based licensure exams and dental schools at osteopathic based colleges. Jeffrey Sanchez, State Representative of the 15th District of Massachusetts and chairman of the Joint Committee of Public Health, addressed the audience about the importance of staying involved with organized dentistry to protect our profession. The event was followed with a catered reception. It was a huge success and was a great opportunity to learn about important current issues in the field of dentistry and network with local dentists, as well as dental students from all of the Boston area schools.
Colorado Holds First ADPAC Drive
It has been a year of firsts for the Colorado ASDA chapter. They held their first ADPAC drive highlighted by a presentation by ADPAC Co-chair Dr. Rhett Murray on the importance of ADPAC and why students should be members. They also worked with the Colorado Dental Association to have the first Student State Lobby Day. The Director of Governmental Relations for the Colorado Dental Association spoke to students to prepare them for being at the State Capitol and advocating for the profession. Due to their intensive planning and vision, Colorado was also among those rewarded the inaugural ASDA LGN State Lobby Day Scholarship. Congrats to Joseph Potter and the other Legislative Liaisons that made such an amazing spring possible.


From the States
Workforce Bills Update
Recently, California and Washington have seen significant legislative steps taken regarding workforce related bills. As Bill SB. 694 waits for committee assignment in California, it has been passed through the Senate floor as a "scientifically rigorous study to assess the safety, quality, cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction of expanded [surgical] dental procedures for the purpose of informing future decisions about how to meet the state's unmet oral health need for the state's children."

In Washington State, SB 6126, which aims tocreate both a Dental Practitioner (someone who has completed a DHAT program) and Dental Hygiene Practitioner (someone completing a post-bachelor's dental hygiene therapy program) was approved by its assigned committee and will be awaiting a vote from the full Senate.


In the meantime, a significant legislative step in the other direction has been taken in the state of Missouri, as the Governor has declined to support either the therapist or ADHP model. (SLR, 1-3)


Where are we with Healthcare Reform?
The Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act (ACA), passed in 2010, made it a requirement for each state to have a form of health insurance exchanges active by Jan. 1, 2014. There must be some evidence of this by January 2013. If states fail to meet this requirement the federal government has the right to establish the exchange in any form of their choosing. Currently, twenty-seven states have filed at least one bill regarding the exchange and three have become law thus far.

An example of a law that has passed regarding the exchange is in Washington. The board and staff will have to give recommendations for things such as the information technology structure, methods to address financial sustainability of the exchanges, and facilitating the offering of coverage to individuals and businesses. The Illinois law and Hawaii law are quite similar but propose different designs with essentially the same outcome. (SLR, 4-6)

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