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 January 2012
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UConn's Legislative Week Recap

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This fall, UConn ASDA held its first ever Legislative Week to help students understand the role of the political process in the dental profession. The week began with an ADPAC lunch & learn by Dr. Mark Desrosiers, a local dentist, who has served on the ADPAC board. Dr. Howard Mark of the Connecticut Oral Health Initiative presented the second lunch & learn "Advocacy 101," which explained how to get involved and make a difference, particularly locally. For the main event, UConn invited local legislators for a panel to talk about their roles. State Senator Terry Gerratana, State Representatives Brian Becker, Vickie Nardello and Bill Wadsworth, and Town Councilman Dr. Natelli talked about why they work in politics, their areas of focus and how they get information about topics like oral health. They shared ways students can contact them about issues. The goal was to develop a closer relationship among the students and local leaders. The week closed with a letter writing session where UConn encouraged students to sign up for CapWiz action alerts and provided template letters. With the support of UConn ASDA, the Connecticut State Dental Association, CODPAC and ADPAC, the week was a great success!
From the States

The Dental Emergency Responder Act Moves Toward Enactment

On Dec. 6, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2405, the Pandemic and All-hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2011, which includes the Dental Emergency Responder Act that students lobbied for at National Dental Student Lobby Day in March. The legislation would clarify that dentists can volunteer as disaster response public health workers and that states can include dental professionals and facilities in their disaster response plan (WU, 3). 

Appropriations Update

A final FY 2012 appropriations bill providing funding for the Department of Health and Human Services was introduced by House Republican leaders. The National Institutes of Health funding is $299 million below FY 2011 and $758 million below the President's request. The bill includes $7 million each for general and pediatric dentistry within the funds provided for training in oral health care. For more details click here

Quote of the Month

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."  

---- George Eliot

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