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 November 2011
ASDA Advocacy
State Lobby Day Scholarship Deadline is Nov. 30
If your chapter is organizing a state lobby day but needs funding, consider applying for the LGN State Lobby Day Scholarship. Your chapter could be awarded up to $500 to use towards state lobby day expenses. Submit your application by Nov. 30.
From the States

Federal Budget Proposals Impact on Medicaid

A recent White Paper on Medicaid considers the impact of budget cuts on access to health care - including oral health care for millions of Americans. Major budget proposals being considered on Capitol Hill could result in substantial changes to the program resulting in increased costs to the states, local communities, providers and beneficiaries (WU, 8-17). 

Good and Bad News in FY2012 Budget

The House draft FY 2012 budget released in October includes a $1 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health, which attendees at National Dental Student Lobby Day lobbied for earlier this year in March. However, the budget drastically cuts Title VII Health Professions Programs funding by $185 million, or a 68 percent cut (WU, 1).

From the States

New Rhode Island Law Requires Transparency for Insurance Plan Changes

A new law in Rhode Island, supported by the Rhode Island Dental Association, requires all dental benefit plans to notify their dental providers of any changes to their coverage of or payment for dental services no later than 15 days prior to the effective date of the changes. In the past, insurance plans were allowed to make changes to dentist-dental plan contracts at any time without any real notice (SLR, 2). 

Dental Home Initiative for Illinois

A final amendment to a bill in Illinois that became law in August creates a Dental Home Initiative where the state, dental community and other organizations will work to develop and promote the concept of a dental home. The goal is for all children in Medicaid, SCHIP and ALL KIDS insurance programs to have access to comprehensive oral health care while concurrently fostering a relationship between the patient and dentist (SLR, 2).

Quote of the Month

"We acquire the strength we have overcome."  

---- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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