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  September 2011
ASDA Advocacy

Western Region Chapters

Jena Hopkins, Iowa '14, spent four weeks in Chicago, Ill. as an ASDA extern for the ADA Department of State Government Affairs. She outlined oral health systems in the Canadian provinces and did extensive research on various state Medicaid benefit policies. 

Emily Tschetter, Nebraska '14, has been busy organizing legislative events for the fall. The chapter is focusing on filling a student vacancy on the Nebraska State Dental Association's Task Force on Legislative Issues. The task force includes educators, practicing dentists and students and works to educate Nebraska dentists on the issues. The task force is pushing for the fluoridation of all state water supplies to help families improve their quality of oral health. Other activities Nebraska has planned include an ADPAC drive and lunch and learn and initial planning for their second state lobby day.
In May, Baylor faculty and students attended an ADPAC/DENPAC lunch and learn. Michael Brzica, ADA lobbyist, addressed student concerns about dental therapists and the increasing scope of practice of dental hygienists. Mr. Brzica stressed the importance of lobbying to advance the profession. Dr. Mark Peppard, ADPAC liaison to the Texas Dental Association's lobbying arm DENPAC, addressed issues such as state licensure exams and Medicaid reimbursements in light of the state's budget shortfall.
From the States

States Propose Variations on Dental Workforce

It has been a rollercoaster year for 12 different states and their plans to address dental workforce issues. In summary, no state passed legislation this year creating a new dental position. In addition to the W.K. Kellogg campaign to establish dental therapy models in five states, the Pew Center on the States has expanded beyond the current program in Minnesota to Maine, California and New Hampshire. Also, other states have had no involvement from a foundation, but rather local entities who are attempting to reach the same outcome. Stay tuned for future updates (SLR, 3-8). 

Federal Trade Commission finds North Carolina Dental Board Acted Illegally

Last year, the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners allegedly sent letters to nondentist tooth-whitening providers saying they were illegally practicing dentistry. The Federal Trade Commission recently charged the dental board with an "anticompetitive conspiracy" by trying to block nondentists from performing these procedures. The ruling states that only a court may dictate whether or not these services violate any law (SLR, 1-2).

Quote of the Month

"I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen."  

---- Frank Lloyd Wright 

Some information published in this newsletter is credited to the ADA State Legislative Report (SLR).
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