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 August 2011
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Free Insurance + $500 Cash for Your Chapter
This year, it's easier than ever for your chapter to get $500 from ADA Insurance Plans. With new paperless enrollment, ASDA members can sign up online for free life and disability insurance at They activate their coverage immediately and you get faster updates on your chapter's enrollment progress.

When 80% of your members sign up for BOTH insurance plans sponsored by the ADA, your chapter will qualify for $500. (Remember that members MUST enroll even though the insurance is provided to students at no cost.)    


Use the 2011-12 enrollment kit your chapter recently received to help members take advantage of this valuable member benefit. Talk about the insurance during meetings, distribute the handouts and send e-mail reminders with the online link. The sooner your classmates sign up, the sooner they'll get protected... and the sooner your chapter can reach the 80% goal.    


Track your chapter's progress or get more information by contacting Leslie Franklin at 303-737-5778.


Group Policy Nos. (104TLP Term Life and 1108GDH-SDP Student Disability) issued to the American Dental Association; insured by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company.

2010-11 Membership Drive Update
The last shipment of materials for the membership drive will be sent out this week. Your chapter should have already received your materials if you requested one of the first two timeframes. The remaining chapters will receive their materials by next week.

Please open the package right away to find a perishable gift to thank you for all of your efforts with the membership drive. You will also find all the materials you requested to assist you with your membership drive events. If you need additional quantities of any of the materials, please contact Erin Kato, membership administrator.

The instructions for the membership remittance process will be sent to all designated chapter remit processors at the beginning of September. Along with the instructions will be the username and password for the remit processor.

Chapter Resource of the Month: Group Exemption

Chapters can apply to become part of ASDA's group exemption to make it easier to obtain tax-exempt status. ASDA can file taxes for those chapters that are part of the group exemption. To file for tax exemption, chapters need to apply by Aug. 30.


To learn more about the application process, click here

Eastern and Central Regional Meeting Deadlines
The registration deadline for Eastern is tomorrow (Aug. 17). Don't miss out on valuable education and networking at your regional meeting! A $25 late fee per person applies to registrations received after the deadline.
  • Eastern: Wednesday, Aug. 17
  • Central: Friday, Sept. 9
  • Western: Friday, Sept. 30

If you need to change an attendee, avoid the $25 fee by changing before these dates:

  • Eastern: Thursday, Sept. 15
  • Central: Thursday, Oct. 13
  • Western: Thursday, Oct. 27

Cancellations must be in writing by the substitution deadline. After these dates, there will be no refunds.


Remember, you can submit your chapter's registration online. Contact Meghan Keelean at if you have questions or need your chapter login.


For the latest information on all three regional meetings, click on these links:

Membership for 2014 Graduates
ASDA's membership runs on a calendar year so incoming first year students are not officially members of ASDA and ADA until Jan. 1, 2012. However, we will start accepting applications for 2012 beginning on Sept. 12, 2011. For those students who join between Sept. 12, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2011, for the 2012 year, we will start providing members with some of their benefits, such as their publications and access to the website.

Since ASDA's membership runs on a calendar year, graduating seniors are still predoctoral members of ASDA and ADA until Dec. 31, 2011. This means, they are still eligible for the full benefits of ASDA, including health insurance, free life insurance, and our publications, in addition to the student benefits of ADA.


Please contact with any questions or concerns.

ADA Welcomes First Year Students!
Keep an eye out for the arrival of the freshmen welcome packets in mid-September! The packets will arrive in care of the first delegate or other ASDA leaders. Arriving just in time for incoming students, the packet includes a description of the ADA student member benefits, a booklet on the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and a contact information card. Distributing these packets to the first year students is a great way to promote your chapter and help introduce a new class of dental students to the ADA.

Chapters who distribute the packets to their freshmen and collect 95% of the contact cards or contact information will win prizes, courtesy of the ADA Office of Student Affairs.
  • The first chapter to collect 95% of the cards or contact information will win $300
  • Any chapter who collects 95% of the cards or contact information before Nov. 1 will win $100

If you have any questions about the welcome packets, feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs or the first delegate at your chapter. You can reach them at 800-621-8099 ext 7470 or at

New Chapter Leadership
This time of year, many chapters elect their new officers. Be sure to update the central office with this information so you receive important updates for your chapter. Please send the names and e-mail addresses for your new leaders to Danielle Bauer, chapter relations manager.
2011 Membership Update
As of Aug. 9, 2011, 17,739 predoctoral, 784 predental, 97 associate and 29 international members have joined for the 2011 membership year. If you would like a list of your chapter's current members, please go to the website and click on "Membership Directory" under the Member Resources tab. You can select your chapter's name and it will bring up an up-to-date list of members. You are able to download the members (including their names, e-mail, graduation year, and ADA #) into an Excel spreadsheet.
Membership: FAQs
When can I renew my ASDA/ADA membership for next year?
ASDA's membership runs on a calendar year so your current membership will expire Dec. 31, 2011. Beginning on Sept. 12, 2011, you can renew your membership for the 2012 year. You can renew through your chapter or by going directly online (for recruited chapters only). Our dues will remain the same at $72/year for joint membership in ASDA and ADA.


When you renew your membership, either with your chapter or online, be sure to update your contact information with ASDA so you continue to receive your benefits (see below for instructions on updating your address).  


How do I change my address with ASDA?

There are three ways to update your contact information, including e-mail address, with ASDA:

  1. Go online to and login as a member using your last name as your user name and ADA number as your password
  2. E-mail 
  3. Call (800) 621-8099, ext. 2795

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

Please contact


Quote of the Month
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
----Norman Vincent Peale 


This e-newsletter is sent to ASDA's national leaders, first and second delegates and dental school deans.
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-Free Insurance + $500 Cash
-2010-11 Membership Drive Update
-Chapter Resource of the Month
-Eastern/Central Deadlines
-Membership for 2014 Graduates
-ADA Welcomes First Year Students!
-New Chapter Leadership
-2011 Membership Update
-Membership: FAQs

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