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 June 2011
Tera Lavick, Manager, ADA Office of Student Affairs
In the Loupe

What Are You Reading This Summer?      

By Tera Lavick, Manager
ADA Office of Student Affairs 



Summer reading conjures up the vision of a colorful beach umbrella, a warm breeze, the soothing sound of waves hitting the shore and, of course, a juicy fiction novel. Case in point, I am currently breezing through "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
." Yes, I saw the movie and the sequels that followed it, but I haven't read all the books. So when my husband came home with his arms full of used books from the Chicago Lit Fest, I was delighted to see the Harry Potter collection among them.  


What are you reading this summer? As you pack your beach tote, consider tossing in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association or ADA News next to your guilty pleasure reading. Or take your laptop and catch up on legislative news with the Advocacy Update epub or download a free ADA podcast, such as "Smart Questions for a Successful Associateship." For quick news bits, follow us on Twitter (@ADANews).  


Next on my reading list is a book more relevant to my day-to-day work life, "Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations" by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers, CAE. If the author sounds familiar, there's good reason. Byers is well-known in the association world and has been a presenter at ASDA meetings in the past. I'll be reading with an eye as to how we can make ADA student membership even more valuable to you. What can we do to make a difference in your lives today and help you smoothly transition into practice? Have an idea? Or any recommended reading? Drop me a line at I'm definitely looking forward to some association inspiration ---- just as soon as I find out how Harry beats those dementors and if Gryffindor finally wins the Quiddich Cup. Happy summer!  

Member and Faculty Spotlight: Under the White Coat
Meet this month's student and faculty members. Learn the last good books they read, their reasons for pursuing dentistry and more. For their full profile, click below.

Simeon UdunkaJeffrey Seiver, DDS

Simeon Udunka
Meharry '11

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: We are the World

Jeffrey Seiver, DDS
Stony Brook,
Clinical Assistant Professor


Words of wisdom for future dentists: Do your best for your patients, strive for perfection, but be happy with your best.


Florida Moves to ADEX Exam for Dental Licensure
As of Oct. 1, Florida will no longer offer its own clinical licensure examination. With the support of the Florida Dental Association and Florida Board of Dentistry, Gov. Rick Scott signed House Bill 1319, an update to the state dental practice act that, among other things, recognizes the American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) Dental Examination as the state's clinical exam for dental licensure

The change is not retroactive, but anyone who takes the ADEX exam after Oct. 1 will be eligible for practice in Florida. ADEX has 25 member states and its licensure exams are accepted by many other state boards. For more information, click here.


Policy on Student Outreach Programs
Recently, the ADA distributed a new policy on student participation in outreach programs to dental school deans, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions and U.S.-based international dental volunteer organizations. This policy was brought forth to the ADA by ASDA and the Pennsylvania Dental Association at the 2010 ADA Annual Session.

ASDA passed a similar policy B-8 at our Annual Session 2010 stating that students who participate in these programs follow ASDA's Code of Ethics, perform procedures that they have been properly trained for and have direct supervision by licensed dentists.

Read the full story here. For more information on ASDA's B-8 policy, click here.
Update on STEM
Last month, ASDA incorrectly stated that dentistry was added to the list of approved STEM degree codes. To clarify, dentistry has not been officially added ---- it is only under consideration for approval at this time. We apologize for our communication error. ASDA will continue to advocate on behalf of our students on this issue. Updated information can be found here.
Compare Dental Product Features on New ADA Seal of Acceptance Web Area
The ADA Seal of Acceptance Web area provides helpful information to the public in selecting dental products and to dentists when discussing products with their patients. Consumers and dentists can now review detailed information on 300+ ADA-accepted products and compare attributes of up to six products simultaneously.

For more information, click here.
Want to Save Money?
Of course you do! Your ASDA member benefits can save you money year round:
  • Receive 5%-50% discounts on dental, vision, fitness and wellness products and services through UnitedHealth Allies
  • Get up to 8% off of GEICO auto insurance
  • Earn points to be used for travel and merchandise with the no annual fee ASDA Bank of America credit card
  • Sign up for your free personalized loan assessment from GL Advisors
  • Access free instructional tools at the NEXT DDS website
  • Save 10% on Kaplan courses and services
  • Receive discounted monthly fees off of your monthly bill from T-Mobile
  • Enroll in free life and disability insurance provided by ADA Insurance Plans
Check out the full listing of member discounts here. The member benefits are no longer password protected to allow you easier access to your benefits.
ASDA Awards of Excellence Winners
ASDA is pleased to announce the recipients of its annual Awards of Excellence. These awards are presented to students who demonstrate superior levels of involvement, leadership and service in school and the community. Recipients were chosen by the school's administration. Congratulations to the all of the winners.
ASDA is Coming to a City Near You!
All ASDA members are invited to attend a Regional Meeting.

Eastern ---- September 23-25 in Buffalo, N.Y.
Central ---- October 21-23 in Raleigh, N.C.
Western ---- November 4-6 in San Antonio, Texas

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Maintain Your ADA Membership After Graduation
Stay in touch with the ADA and update your contact information regularly ---- especially if you're graduating. New graduates should complete the Where Are You Going? form and we'll send you the ADA membership application that fits your situation. Through the Reduced Dues Program, your ADA dues are $0 the year following graduation and reduced rates continue for the next four years. Most state and local societies also offer reduced dues. For more information visit or contact
In This Issue
-Member & Faculty Spotlight
-Florida Moves to ADEX
-Student Outreach Program Policy
-STEM Update
-ADA Seal of Acceptance
-Want to Save Money?
-Award of Excellence Winners
-ASDA Regional Meetings
-Maintain Your ADA Membership After Graduation

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