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 April 2011
ASDA Communications Manager Cheryl Graf
In the Loupe

I'm no dentist ...   

By Cheryl Graf,
Communications Manager



I'm not in dental school and I don't have my D.D.S. But in my three months working at ASDA's Central Office, I feel very much a part of this community. I've spent plenty of time getting to know more about our members and the industry. Here's what I've observed: 

  1. ASDA has an impressive alumni (and soon-to-be alumni) network. At the April Spring Leadership Conference in Chicago, I was blown away by presentations by Dr. Chris Salierno, 2004-2005 past president (; Ryan Dulde, Marquette '11, 2010 Speaker of the House; and Dan Hammer, 2010 District 11 trustee, Pacific '11. ASDA does a great job at preparing you for life after school. The connections you make here can be very powerful. Use them to your advantage!
  2. You know your stuff. I've read nearly 100 articles for ASDA News and Mouth so far. I still don't have a clue about implant prostheses or occlusion. However, I'd like to think I'm savvier than the average Joe because of your editorials. It's good to know that the future of dentistry is so bright and knowledgeable.
  3. Staff is here for you (and we know our stuff, too). You've got 12 full-time association professionals in Chicago who specialize in event management, marketing, leadership training and more. We see the potential in what you bring to the table. Let us help you.
  4. I floss more frequently now. Someone said, "You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep." I'd like to keep them all, please. I think the graphic photos I've seen over the past three months are working, too.
  5. You care about your patients ---- future and present. You may have initially been drawn to this career for the money or independence. However, nearly everyone I met has shared personal reasons that had much more to do with the well being and general health of your patients.   
I look forward to continuing to learn more about ASDA members and your profession.
Mark your Calendars for the 2011 Regional Meetings
Regional Meetings strengthen ASDA's chapters by developing and improving the skills of our leaders. These meetings introduce students to ASDA and organized dentistry and provide chapters with the opportunity to exchange ideas. If you are new to ASDA, your Regional Meeting is a great opportunity to learn what we are all about.

The planning committees for the Regional Meetings have started to put together great programs for each meeting. Registration details will be sent to chapter delegates in May. Here's a sneak peek:

Eastern (Districts 1-3):
Friday, September 23- Sunday, September 25
Buffalo, New York
Registration Deadline is Wednesday, August 17

Central (Districts 4-7):
Friday, October 21- Sunday, October 23
Raleigh, North Carolina
Registration Deadline is Friday, September 9

Western (Districts 8-11):
Friday, November 4 - Sunday, November 6
San Antonio, Texas
Registration Deadline is Friday, September 30
Adding Dentistry as a STEM Degree
During Annual Session, the ASDA House of Delegates passed resolution 303-2011, "The Inclusion of Dentistry as a STEM Designated Degree Program." The Executive Committee submitted our request to the Department of Education and the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) to add dentistry as a STEM degree.

There are currently 32 advanced standing programs at United States dental schools, ranging in size from two to approximately 240 students. Many of our ASDA predoctoral members are enrolled in these programs and would benefit from the addition of dentistry to the list of STEM degrees. A response to this request letter has not been received; however, your EC and staff will continue to communicate any advancement that there may be regarding this issue.

This letter of request and subsequent follow-up serves as a perfect example of how your ASDA leadership is continuing to advocate and serve all of our members. As the mission of ASDA states, we exist to "protect and advance the rights, interests, and welfare of dental students." We look forward to continuing to serve our members.
Development of a Portfolio-Style Licensure Exam
The 2010 ADA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 42H-2010. It directs the ADA to initiate a Request for Proposals (RFP) process for development of a portfolio-style examination for the purpose of initial dental licensure designed to assess a candidate's clinical competence with a third-party assessment that is valid and reliable psychometrically. This may include a complementary written/interactive examination to assess issues not deemed adequately addressed in the portfolio model, such as ethics and professionalism.

The Resolution further directed that the new workgroup include two representatives from the ADA Board of Trustees, three from the Council on Dental Education and Licensure, one from the New Dentist Committee, and one from ASDA to oversee the development and announcement of the RFP process in 2011 and consideration of the received proposals in 2012. The appropriate progress reports should be made available to both the 2011 and 2012 House of Delegates.

President Gist appointed the following individuals to serve on the 42H-2010 Workgroup:
Dr. Samuel Low, Seventeenth District Trustee, chair; Dr. Edward Vigna, Tenth District Trustee; Dr. Brian Kennedy (CDEL-ADA); Dr. Patrick Lloyd (CDEL-ADEA); Dr. David Perkins (CDEL-AADB); Dr. Chris Salierno (NDC) and Brittany Bensch (ASDA).
Help Haiti and Japan
Access information on how to rebuild dental practices in Haiti as well as donate to Japan's recovery efforts on

Haiti: Following the 2010 earthquake, about 35 dental practices ---- nearly a third of the city's practices! ---- were damaged or destroyed in Port au Prince. It takes approximately $10,000 to help rebuild each practice and the ADA Division of Global Affairs and Health Volunteers Oversees (HVO) have set a goal to raise $350,000 to aid in practice recovery. You can make a difference by donating to the Adopt-a-Practice: Rebuilding Dental Offices in Haiti today. This ongoing program will help rebuild the oral health infrastructure of a country that was in great need even before the disaster struck.

If every student donated just $1, Haiti would be able to rebuild two full dental practices! Donate online or call 202-296-0928. For more information, check out the Adopt-a-Practice toolkit on

Japan: The ADA is collecting donations for the Japan Dental Association so that they can help their members who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people were impacted and the collective effort of the U.S. dental community will go much farther than individual donations. 100% of the donations received will help dental colleagues in need. Donations are not tax deductible. To donate, you may complete the online donation form and submit a contribution until May 31.
2011 National Dental Student Lobby Day
340 dental students from around the country met in Washington, DC March 28-29. The group joined together to lobby members of Congress for funding for the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and in support of the Dental Emergency Responder Act of 2011.

Attendees learned the insider politics of Capitol Hill and about the top leaders in each party from Michael Brzica, congressional lobbyist from the American Dental Association. Deborah Darcy, Director of Congressional Affairs for the American Dental Education Association, gave an overview of the legislative process and how a bill becomes a law.

Read more about the 2011 National Dental Student Lobby Day.
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Research Poster Competition Winner
Congratulations to Ken Randall, ASDA Vice President and third year student at University of Kentucky. Ken took 2nd place in the country for clinical research as a participant in the American Association of Dental Research/National Student Research Group DENTSPLY/Caulk Competition. His winning poster was entitled "Salivary Calcium and MUC5b Association with Xerostomia Following Radiation Therapy." Read more about the competition online.
Web Feature of the Month: ASDA Supports Lunch & Learns
A position paper, The Importance of Lunch & Learns to Dental Students, prepared by members of the ASDA Council on Education was written to summarize the benefits of attending these sessions. Click here to read more.


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How Do I Change My Address with ASDA?
If you are moving or changing addresses temporarily for a clerkship, don't forget to update your address with ASDA so you continue to receive your benefits, such as our monthly publications. When you update your address with ASDA, we notify the ADA of your address change as well.

There are three ways to update your contact information, including email address, with ASDA:
  1. Go online to, login as a member using your last name as your user name and ADA number as your password, and click on Update Your Address under the Quick Links
  2. Email 
  3. Call (800) 621-8099, ext. 2795
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-2011 Regional Meetings
-Adding Dentistry as a STEM Degree
-Portfolio Style Licensure Exam
-Help Haiti and Japan
-2011 Lobby Day
-Get Mouthing Off Delivered in Your Inbox
-Research Poster Competition Winner
-Web Feature of the Month
-Benefit of the Month
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