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 April 2011

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From Washington, D.C.
340 Students Attended National Lobby Day 
On March 29, students from 51 dental schools met with their members of Congress and staff to lobby for the Dental Emergency Responder Act of 2011 (HR 570) and funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR).

While the House of Representatives passed HR 570 on March 8, we are still looking for a sponsor for the bill in the Senate.

Funding for the NIDCR is important to dental schools to provide research grants to students and faculty. The NIDCR is the only government agency focused exclusively on oral, dental and craniofacial research and oral health research training.

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Dental Students at Capitol

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From the States

Update on Workforce Legislation  

Bills regarding dental therapist models in Washington and Kansas were not called for a vote in their committees, meaning the bills have essentially died for the current legislative session. A bill in New Mexico is currently in committee to create a dental therapist position. Connecticut, Oregon and Maine also have bills regarding workforce issues and alternative provider models in committees (SLR, 1-2).

Vermont Governor Proposes Tax on Dental Services

Earlier this year, the governor of Vermont announced his plan to impose a three percent tax on dentists' gross revenues from performing dental and other health care services. The Vermont State Dental Society is concerned the tax would present a new barrier to oral health access (SLR, 3-4).
New Dental Assistant in Virginia 
In Virginia, new regulations take effect this month for the new Dental Assistant II position, who can perform expanded functions. The new position requires additional coursework, lab training, clinical experience and licensing examinations in addition to being a Certified Dental Assistant (SLR, 4-5).
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-National Lobby Day Recap
-Update on Workforce Legislation
-Vermont Governor Proposes Tax on Dental Services
-New Dental Assistant in Virgina
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Ideal LGN Award 

Congratulations to the University of Minnesota for winning the Ideal LGN Award.

Congrats also to John Chamberlain, from the University of Kentucky, for being named the Legislative Liaison of the Year for 2010-2011.
Need Funding?

Get involved with your state and local dental society and get connected to dentists in your area.

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