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September 2011

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The South Carolina Aviation Safety Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization of aviation industry representatives whose aim is to complement the FAA Safety Team.


Based upon our collaboration with individuals, companies, associations and governmental entities at the state, regional and national levels, we bring safety events and initiatives to the local aviation community where impact is most effective.


The SCASC is dedicated to changing the conscious attitudes and behavioral awareness toward aviation safety in South Carolina and beyond.


The Council believes that by making aviation safety a "first priority" and spreading that attitude and awareness, we can make a positive change toward a safer tomorrow.


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Light Sport and Experiment Aircraft safety and training are in focus at the Spruce Pine airport on September 24th. 




Say Again? AOPA's Air Safety Institute's Radio Communications Done Right is coming to Greenville on November 1st.





Friday, March 23, 2012 for SCASC's Safety Fly-In at the Hamilton Owens Downtown airport (KCUB) in Columbia, SC.   




GA Safety Roundtable


National Transportation Safety Board Member Dr. Earl Weener recently told me of his passion to see a measurable improvement in the general aviation safety record. No surprise then to see this sector on the NTSB's current Most Wanted List. In advance of next month's Southeast Aviation Show at the Greenville Downtown Airport, we are pleased to host a General Aviation Safety Roundtable to see what we can do in South Carolina to help make Dr. Weener's vision a reality.


This event is designed to be part safety presentation and part open forum where recent South Carolina accidents - and ways to keep them from being repeated - are discussed. Our Vice-Chair Cliff Jenkins, who is also the Aviation Director for Milliken, will kick off the discussion at 7PM on Friday, October 28th at the GMU airport. Please click here to register. In addition, the Council will be exhibiting the following day during the Show which will feature numerous vendors and presentations.  


Safe Flying,

Eric W. Barfield, Chair
South Carolina Aviation Safety Council
Professionalism & Safety Management
More "Most Wanted"

An overloaded Pilatus PC-12 with 13 passengers and its pilot were killed while attempting to land in Butte, Montana on March 22, 2009. The cause of the crash was determined to be the failure of the pilot in command to add anti-icing fluid to his fuel, and ice formed in the fuel system causing the engine to quit. At the time of the crash one fuel tank was completely full, and the other completely empty. The pilot had ample time to divert to a closer airport once he realized there was a fuel problem.


On July 13, 2003, a Cessna 402C was ditched in the Atlantic Ocean about 7 NM northwest of Treasure Cay Airport in the Bahamas. Two passengers were killed, and five passengers and the pilot received injuries, but survived. The probable cause of the crash was determined to be the pilot's "failure to adequately manage the airplane's performance after the engine failed." The NTSB also said that a contributing factor to the fatalities was the fact that the pilot did not conduct an emergency briefing.


The NTSB has decided that pilot and air traffic controller

professionalism is one of its top ten "Most Wanted" items to improve safety and to prevent accidents. The NTSB as well as the South Carolina Aviation Safety Council believe there has been an erosion of professionalism within the aviation community in recent years. We must focus on ways to improve this if we are to reduce aircraft mishaps in the future. Read full article here.

Viva Las Vegas!
SCASC Members Contribute to NBAA Convention

Next month's annual gathering of the National Business Aviation Association in Las Vegas will feature a supberb lineup of speakers, including its annual Single-Pilot Safety Standdown:

  • Kevin Clover, National FAASTeam: Positive Flight Attitude
  • Bruce Landsberg, AOPA ASF: Runway Excursions
  • SCASC Member Don Baldwin: Single-Pilot SMS
  • Mike Cetinich, Jeppesen: Tactical Weather Flying
  • David Miller: Citation Mustang Operator's Perspective
  • Dr. Tony Kern: Single-Pilot Human Factors

The SP Safety Standdown is free to registered convention attendees and will take place on Sunday, October 9th in the convention center.


Other SCASC Members contributing to this year's NBAA event include Keat Pruszenski, who will present his Tire Safety lecture, with assistance from Vice-Chair Cliff Jenkins. Chair Eric Barfield serves as Vice-Chair of the NBAA Safety Committee. 

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