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April 2011

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The South Carolina Aviation Safety Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization of aviation industry representatives whose aim is to complement the FAA Safety Team.


Based upon our collaboration with individuals, companies, associations and governmental entities at the state, regional and national levels, we bring safety events and initiatives to the local aviation community where impact is most effective.


The SCASC is dedicated to changing the conscious attitudes and behavioral awareness toward aviation safety in South Carolina and beyond.


The Council believes that by making aviation safety a "first priority" and spreading that attitude and awareness, we can make a positive change toward a safer tomorrow.


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Safety Fly-In a Success!

Despite rainy skies, our inaugural Safety Fly-In was a big success. In addition to the sponsors noted below, special thanks also go to our superb lineup of speakers who each graciously "gave back for the greater good." Attendees were extremely impressed with the presentations of Robert Sumwalt, Bill Garvey, Captain Chuck Long and Twin Cessna Flyer's Bob Thomason.    

Another great safety opportunity is available Saturday, April 30th at the Greenville Downtown Airport when the FAA will present their annual Safety Standdown. Details about this event and much more are at our always-updated website.  

Safe Flying,

Eric W. Barfield, Chair
South Carolina Aviation Safety Council

FAA Safety Standdown April 30 @ GMU!
Safety Council Sponsors Event at Runway Cafe

The Safety Council is pleased to sponsor the South Carolina FAASTeam's Safety Standdown on Saturday, April 30th at the Runway Cafe / Greenville Downtown Airport. This FREE safety event focuses on four areas that account for the majority of general aviation fatal accidents:

--  Positive Flight Attitude:  Keeping Your Standards High
--  Going Beyond Preflight:  Perfecting Your Preflight Inspection
--  Enroute Cruise:  Are You On Cruise Control
--  Maneuvering Flight:  Slow, Steady and Sure


This half day seminar begins at 8:30AM. For more details and to register, click here!

Runway Excursions > Incursions

Many experts are continuing to remind the aviation community that runway EXcursions are a bigger problem than runway INcursions. The FAA has done an admirable job raising the awareness of runway incursions but the excursions - whether during takeoff or landing - cause millions of dollars of damage and unfortunate loss of life each year.

The fact is that both deserve our attention. The FAA has a dedicated runway safety webpage that includes best practices to help avoid runway incursions.  Currently, the Flight Safety Foundation seems to lead the charge on excursion mitigation with a Runway Excursion Risk Reduction (RERR) Toolkit available on their website.  
Ugly Weather Arrives 
Ugly weather isn't just a concern for pilots. Spring and summer storms can create havoc at the local airport or local airway. The key is to be prepared. Airport operators, including FBOs, need to review severe weather plans long before a thunderstorm hits.

Pilots likewise need to refresh their thunderstorm avoidance techniques. The AOPA's Air Safety Institute offers a free online course for this purpose:

"Weather Wise - Thunderstorms & ATC." 

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