Safety Update!March 2011
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The South Carolina Aviation Safety Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization of aviation industry representatives whose aim is to complement the FAA Safety Team.


Based upon our collaboration with individuals, companies, associations and governmental entities at the state, regional and national levels, we bring safety events and initiatives to the local aviation community where impact is most effective.


The SCASC is dedicated to changing the conscious attitudes and behavioral awareness toward aviation safety in South Carolina and beyond.


The Council believes that by making aviation safety a "first priority" and spreading that attitude and awareness, we can make a positive change toward a safer tomorrow.


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Why A Safety Fly-In?

Proficiency and recurrent training are key "continuing education" components that all aviators need to stay sharp. What we've learned at the Safety Council is that many pilots (me included) do not spend enough time in the cockpit to be on top of their game. Whether it is due to a busy schedule or bad economy, we're not flying as much as we should. 

So we decided that rather than encourage us to "park" our planes for a safety event, let's fly them in (as long as it's safe, of course). The chance for some extra hours in your logbook coupled with four excellent safety presentations that qualify for Wings credit will make this an event worth attending. We look forward to seeing you in Rock Hill this Saturday! 

Safe Flying,

Eric W. Barfield, Chair
South Carolina Aviation Safety Council
Safety Fly-In Lineup for March 26 @ UZA!
Learn the "SOPs" of Aviation Safety Excellence
Safety Leadership ~ Operational Discipline ~ Professionalism

  8:30AM - Registration & Free Continental Breakfast
  9:00AM - Welcome and Introductions
  9:15AM - Honorable Robert Sumwalt, NTSB
10:45AM - Captain Chuck Long, TWA 843
12:00PM - Lunch ($5 Chick-fil-a)
  1:00PM - Bill Garvey, Business & Commercial Aviation
  2:30PM - Bob Thomason, The Twin Cessna Flyer
  3:45PM - Concluding Remarks

For more details and to register for this FREE event, please visit and click on the "2011 Safety Fly-In" page!
Flight Risk Assessment Tool Now Available

An easy-to-use Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) has been uploaded to Safety Tools and F Drives on our website. This can be customized to fit your operations. The Council is promoting the use of a FRAT by every pilot prior to flight! 
2010 Nall Report Released

The AOPA Air Safety Institute provides numerous, helpful safety resources on its website and has released the 2010 Nall Report. This annual report provides great information on current accident trends. 
Laser Incidents Nearly Double in 2010


FAA announces record number of laser events in 2010. Check out the FAA Advisory Circular for mitigation and reporting procedures.
NBAA Safety Committee Top Priorities
Much like the NTSB has its Most Wanted List, the National Business Aviation Association's Safety Committee has targeted what it sees as today's top safety issues affecting business aviation, including light business airplanes:

Safety Culture in Traditional Flight Departments
Light Business Airplane (LBA) Safety Culture
Runway Excursions
Fatigue in International Operations
Ground Damage
Safety Leadership Competencies
Core Competencies/Best Practices for Captain Upgrades  

This Committee is hard on work on various deliverables, many of which will be highlighted during the NBAA annual convention in Las Vegas this October.
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