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The South Carolina Aviation Safety Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization of aviation industry representatives whose aim is to complement the FAA Safety Team.


Based upon our collaboration with individuals, companies, associations and governmental entities at the state, regional and national levels, we bring safety events and initiatives to the local aviation community where impact is most effective.


The SCASC is dedicated to changing the conscious attitudes and behavioral awareness toward aviation safety in South Carolina and beyond.


The Council believes that by making aviation safety a "first priority" and spreading that attitude and awareness, we can make a positive change toward a safer tomorrow.


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"We who have chosen this profession have answered a noble calling. We have promised that we will not become complacent, we will remain vigilant, and we will act as the conscious of our industry. We do this for three reasons: Our passengers deserve it. Our colleagues expect it. And our profession demands it." 



USAir 1549


Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

US Airways 1549 

Excellence in Aviation Safety

At next week's SC Aviation Association annual conference in Myrtle Beach, we will be presenting, "Excellence in Aviation Safety." Our goal is to highlight what we believe to be three safety tenets that can keep you or someone you know from becoming the next accident statistic. Known as the "SOPs" of Aviation Safety Excellence, we've made them this month's safety focus and the theme for our inaugural Safety Fly-In next month.

Please remember to pass Safety Update! along to your friends and associates and be sure to join us in Rock Hill on Saturday, March 26th for a world-class safety event.

Safe Flying,

Eric W. Barfield, Chair
South Carolina Aviation Safety Council
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The inaugural SC Aviation Safety Council Fly-In is set for Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the Rock Hill / York County Airport (UZA). Hosted by the Rock Hill Airport and Skytech, Inc., this event will provide world-class safety seminars from prominent aviation experts. Come learn the "SOPs" of Aviation Safety Excellence - Safety Leadership, Operational Discipline and Professionalism.

The Honorable Robert L. Sumwalt, NTSB Board Member, will be one of four featured speakers at this day-long learning event. He will be joined by Chuck Long who served as Flight Engineer aboard TWA 843, an L-1011 that crashed on takeoff from JFK with remarkably no fatalities. Bill Garvey, editor of B/CA Magazine and Bob Thomason, President of The Twin Cessna Flyer group will also provide their unique perspectives on general aviation safety.

This Month's Safety Focus:
"SOPs" of Aviation Safety Excellence
Safety Leadership ~ Operational Discipline ~ Professionalism

Standard Operating Procedures. The way things get done or "that's just how we do it around here." When it comes to safety, there's no better phrase to capture the proactive spirit of an effective safety culture. But a helpful way to keep things practical is to use "SOP" as an easy reminder of three safety tenets that, when employed with intention, might assure you or your organization are not part of the next accident report.

Safety Leadership: It starts with you, regardless of your current industry position. Make up your mind you will be "the one" that learns the latest safety best practices, incorporates them into your routines and then teaches others to do likewise. A good way to do this is by joining the Safety Council since that's part of what we do! 

Operational Discipline: This is where the rubber meets the road. It is so easy to talk about safety stuff at a conference or in the classroom and often hard to actually use safety tools on the flightline and in the cockpit. This is especially true if you've not really paid attention to safety or only given it lip service in the past. Change the habits that need to be changed to reflect safety first.

Professionalism: In the wake of US Airways 1549 Hudson River landing (pun intended), this term was used over and over to describe the crew. If you can accomplish the mission, you're good. If you can accomplish the mission safely, you're great. If you can accomplish the mission safely while inspiring others to embrace aviation safety excellence, you're a professional.

Grab a friend and come out to next month's Safety Fly-In and hear more of what industry leaders have to say about the "SOPs" of Aviation Safety Excellence!
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