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 Lymph e-Channel SPECIAL EDITION
July 2011 
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Welcome to the Special Edition of Lymph e-Channel


Dear friends of the NLN,


On Saturday, July 29th, Deborah  Cordner our Lymphedema patient extraordinaire will be competing among the best to be crowned the "World's Fittest Person" at the CrossFit World Championship. No doubt, Deborah has overcome a long and arduous journey to reach this point. With the date fast approaching, Deborah has been training for many hours a day and getting stronger each day. 


The NLN staff and lymphedema patients from around the country have already sent her our best wishes and support. We all want her to do her best! As a professional athlete, Deborah's goals are not only to win next week's competition but also to send a message that "life goes on with lymphedema". As a member of the lymphedema community, Deborah shows us that we can continue to live and even thrive in the face of adversity.


Deborah has chosen to support the Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund (MWGF) as her charity of choice in her journey to the top. Together with Deborah, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of other patients. Pledge your support to Deborah by making a contribution to the MWGF today.


You can follow her progress at and read more from Deborah at .


We thank you for your support and good luck Deborah!  The lymphedema community at large is rooting for you!



Saskia RJ Thiadens, RN

Executive Director, NLN


Deborah Cordner Update from Deborah Cordner

The emails and responses I have received from telling my story are all very inspiring. It really 'fills me up'. My dad was in tears from the heartfelt stories and words of encouragement from the lymphedema community. As one supporter said "you are amazing, you are already a champion, regardless of where you place." My goal is for everyone to know that about themselves. Lymphedema makes anyone who has it so strong. All the time and energy spent caring for you affected limb; really all it does is make you stronger. I want everyone to harness that power, welcome the challenge and change lives!  Everyone can benefit by knowing someone who struggles with lymphedema!

Thank you so much again a million times!



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