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Reebok 101-Round 2 of Playoffs
Play in Vegas-Reebok Summer Championships
Shooting Touch
Celtics Green Out
Marvin Williams Rising
Headliner Showcases Talent
Player Feature-Kenny Boynton
Team Feature-Top 25 Travel Teams This Spring
Celtics Basketball Camp
Excellence Corner-Be Prepared
May Birthdays
Kyree Bethel
Alwayne Bigby
Kenny Boynton
Junior Cadougan
Kyle Caudill
Brett Chance
Tre Demps
Courtney Fortson
Erick Green
Fred Gulley
Malcolm Lee
Dwight Miller
Aalim Moor
Charles Odum
Romero Osby
Maalik Wayns
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Reebok 101
  As the 2nd round of the playoffs wind down keep an eye out for these Reebok Ballers on their quest for an NBA championship:
Boston Celtics - Eddie House, Gabe Pruitt and Rajon Rondo
New Orleans Hornets - Rasual Butler, Mike James and Moe Peterson
San Antonio Spurs - Brent Barry
Rbk Unheralded 5 Shoe
Rajon Rondo is wearing the Rbk Unheralded 5 during the playoffs
Head to Vegas and Participate in the Reebok Summer Championships 
Summer Champs 
Registration is filling up!
We want to remind you to register your team before the spots are filled.  Reebok Summer Championships will kick off July 22nd with a guarantee 3 games in the first 2 days for each team. 
Register by visiting Reebok Summer Championships.  For questions, email
Reebok Coaches Tune-Up Winners 
 Hidden Valley
Congratulations to our coaches who participated in the event raffle.  The 4 winners are: 
  1. Bob Horodyski
  2. Jason Shelton
  3. Tony Staffiere
  4. Dinos Trigonis
Thank you to the rest who participated and joined us that evening.  We look forward to hosting you again soon!
Shooting Touch Tip
So the other day I watched the John Wooden "Values, Victory and Peace of Mind" DVD about his Success Pyramid.  For anyone that has not seen this (or read the book) I highly recommend it. For those of you who have already read or watched this, go review it again.  Coach Wooden was a man who never got too mad or too excited when he coached.  He was all about keeping an even keel and making sure each one of his players just went out and did their business each and every night.
Here are few key points that I got out of it:  Friendship is a 2-way street. Loyalty is the backbone of human nature and will follow you through your entire life.  Team Spirit is the first step to individual success (one does not come before the other!).  All good things come to those who are patient. You are going to be as successful as you want to be and the perception of your success should always be inside out and not outside in.
Good luck on your road to success.  For more information, visit
Shooting Touch
Home Court Love
 Many of you don't know but Reebok World Headquartes is based in Canton, MA which is 15 miles south of Boston. In conjunction with the Boston Celtics, Reebok passed out 15,000 Celtic Green t-shirts durng Game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks and Game 5 against the Celveland Cavaliers. Reebok is a proud sponsor of the Boston Celtics.
The Boston Globe reported, After two losses in Atlanta, some Celtics talked about the benefit of coming home for Game 5 of this first-round series. Reebok is sponsoring a "Green Out" for Game 5 tonight, handing out green T-shirts to all fans. "We decided to hand out these tees at tonight's game as an incentive to motivate fans to make the Garden the league's most energetic arena," said Reebok director of basketball Chris Rivers.
Williams Sets The Stage To Soar Next Season
 Marvin Williams has just completed his 3rd year as starting small forward for the Atlanta Hawks. He was a steady force for a team that pushed the Boston Celtics to seven games in Round One of the NBA Playoffs. Williams has been a Reebok athlete since he came out of North Carolina after his freshman campaign winning the NCAA National Championship in 2005. If his solid playoff play is an indication of what is coming next season, Marvin has a great chance to emerge as one of the elite small forwards in the Eastern Conference.
Marvin Williams
Issue: 7 May/2008

For many of you between the ages of 14-17, you are just beginning the prime of your athletic lives.  Besides an occasional Spanish test, part time job at Steak and Shake making side by sides, or having to wait an extra year to get your drivers license, your life is pretty good. 


Currently, most of your existence is scripted and driven by your basketball talents and the potential you posses. There are adults acting as human tractors constantly clearing debris from your path of potential basketball greatness.


Unfortunately, too many promising players take their talent and the opportunities it will create for granted.  However, it's not all their fault.  They are solely a  product of the system that has been created that has created a false sense of security that their basketball skills will never fail and the next 10 years will be full of fame, riches and of course the house for your momma.


Adults like me have been adding fuel to this system with good intentions by providing National exposure and the best competition anywhere on the planet. Nonetheless, these motives have sometimes been perceived by outsiders as detrimental to your development. In addition, there are some selfish forces within the industry that are diluting its purity and causing some added negative criticism towards the game we all know and love. So the lesson is, know who is in your circle and keep it tight!


This month's challenge is simple. Going forward I encourage you to make the extra effort to be respectful towards the game in all areas.  Keep in mind that the game is bigger than you and that the game owes you nothing.  Arrogance and ignorance has ended many stellar careers before they fully reached its pinnacle height. Appreciate what you have and continue to train and listen in order to get the next level of your progression.  The journey will be hard, but if you are fortunate to cross the finish line it will be worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears.


This month's edition is dedicated to the memory of DeShawn Newton who died last month in Dallas, TX at the age of 14 during a tournament doing what he loved to do, which was play ball.  So remember that the next time you complain about extra wind sprints, limited playing or not getting enough shots, that you are blessed just to be playing.




Christopher Rivers


Remember, I also want to hear from players across the country that were local legends before this evaluation period but had breakout tournament performances and your mailbox is now full everyday of recruiting letters.  Let us know how it feels to get the attention you had always worked so hard to achieve.

  We will feature some of these players in our June edition.
Top Headliner Try Out Camp Performers 
 Hidden ValleyPhoenix, Bay Area and New York all had amazing talent

The 2008 Headliner Try Out Camp Tour kicked off in Phoenix, AZ on April 12-13 where over 120 of Arizona's best rising high school players came out to prove who the best of the best in Arizona really is. Two weeks later on May 3-4, one hundred plus players in the California Bay Area and New York City went bucket for bucket to earn invitations to the Reebok All-American Camp (July 6-10, Philadelphia, PA) and Reebok Breakout Underclass Camp (June 20-22, Chicago, IL). The Headliner Try Out Tour continues this weekend in Akron,OH, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.  For more information visit PrepChampsBelow are the players were selected from Phoenix, The Bay Area and New York that will be moving on:


Reebok All-American Camp Invites:         

Davion Berry 6-4 JR Hayward (Hayward, CA) - 2009
Chris Brew 6-3 JR St. Mary's (Berkeley, CA) - 2009
Will Cherry 6-1 JR McClymonds (Oakland, CA) - 2009
Lucas Devenneay 6-8 JR Piner (Santa Rosa, CA) - 2009
Trevor Dillard 5-9 JR Thurgood Marshall Academy (NY) - 2009
Sterling Gibbs 6-0 FR Seton Hall Prep (NY) - 2011
George Matthews  6-6  SOPH  St. Mary's HS (Phoenix, AZ) - 2010
Nkereuwen Okoro 6-2 FR St. Raymond's (NY) - 2012
Mike Poole 6-5 SOPH St. Benedicts Prep (NY) - 2010

Royce Woolridge  6-2  SOPH  Sunnyslope HS (Phoenix, AZ) - 2010



Reebok Breakout Camp Invites:

Brandon Ashley 6-7 FR (CA) - 2012
Marc Augustin 6-3 SOPH Valley Stream Central HS (NY) - 2010
John Bailey  6-8  SOPH  Dobson HS (Mesa, AZ) - 2010
Jabari Brown 6-3 FR Salesian (San Pablo, CA) - 2011

Jahii Carson  5-11  FR  Mountain Pointe HS (Phoenix, AZ) - 2011

Zeke Chapman  6-1  FR  Chaparral HS (Scottsdale, AZ) - 2011

Jordan Didier  6-8  SOPH  St. Mary's HS (Phoenix, AZ) - 2010

Daniel Dingle 6-4 FR St. Raymond's (NY) - 2012
Bradley Gifford 6-4 FR Poly Prep (NY) - 2011
Cody Kyle 6-2 SOPH Rocklin (Rocklin, CA) - 2010
Darrel Lucky 5-6 FR Bishop Loughlin (NY) - 2011
Kamari Murphy 6-6 FR Bishop Ford (NY) - 2011
Jose Rodriquez 6-4 FR St. Raymond's (NY) - 2011
Dominique Taplin 6-1 FR Oakland (Oakland, CA) - 2011
TJ Taylor 5-8 FR Oakland (Oakland, CA) - 2011
Josiah Turner 6-1 FR Sacramento (Sacramento, CA) - 2011

Stephen Topercer  6-0  FR  Horizon HS (Scottsdale, AZ) - 2011

Judd Welfringer  6-5  FR  Desert Ridge HS (Phoenix, AZ) - 2011


Stay Tuned for more rising players!
Player Feature - Kenny Boynton Standing Out
- Alonzo Weatherby

I'm sure you've all been to a high school or AAU basketball game, and seen that one player on the court who stands out above the rest. He's got that swagger, the ability to get a bucket whenever he wants, he's tough as nails, has that killer instinct, and everyone on the opposing team, fans included, is scared at the end of the game when the ball is in his hands regardless of how close the score may be.

Those kind of players are hard to find. The thing is, the player I'm specifically talking about stands out even when grouped and playing against players of that caliber, as a matter of fact that's when he shines the brightest. His name is Kenny Boynton Jr (Plantation, FL), affectionately known as "Junior" to those that know him best.

Kenny Boynton Jr. is a powerfully built 6'2" Combo Guard, who can play the point but is at his best when shredding opposing defenses for an absurd amount of buckets. He's extremely athletic, has a crisp yet flashy handle, and owns one of the deadliest pull up jumpers I've ever seen that stretches far beyond the three point line. Ever since he broke out onto the grassroots basketball scene back in 2005 with Team Breakdown as a rising freshman at the Reebok Big Time, he's been a main stay in every National recruiting website's top 5 players for the class of 2009. He's being courted by every major program across the country, and has proven himself time and time again against anyone put in front of him.
This spring Kenny and his "Team Breakdown" teammates have been traveling the country displaying their basketball talents at tournaments in Houston, Arkansas, and Atlanta, and while they have been playing against some of the best players and teams the country has to offer, Kenny has managed to stand head and shoulders above his competition.
He's an incumbent Reebok All-American, and has proven himself on the biggest stage over and over again. He's a sure fire McDonald's All-American. Expect support for "Junior" to come out in droves as the 2009 McDonalds' All-American game will be taking place in his home state of Florida.

For whatever college coach is lucky enough to convince Kenny to come spend a year or two on his campus, Congratulations and enjoy him while you can because based on his talent, I'm pretty sure it won't last long.

Team Feature-Top 25 Spring/Summer Travel Teams
by Alonzo Weatherby
  1. Team Breakdown, Florida
  2. Boo Williams, Virginia
  3. Athletes First, Oklahoma
  4. L.A. Dream Team, California
  5. Illinois Warriors, Illinois
  6. Kansas City Pump n Run, Missouri
  7. New York Gauchoz, New York
  8. Howard Pulley, Minnesota
  9. Indiana Elite, Indiana
  10. Worldwide Renegades Orange, Georgia
  11. Atlanta Celtics, Georgia
  12. New York Panthers, New York
  13. Northwest Panthers, Washington
  14. D-One Sports, North Carolina
  15. Houston Hoops, Texas
  16. Pump N Run Elite, California
  17. Seattle Rotary Select, Washington
  18. Grassroots Canada, Canada
  19. Southeast Elite, Alabama
  20. California Supreme, California
  21. Team Odom (CA), California
  22. DC Assualt, Washington DC
  23. Juice All-Stars, New York
  24. Team Jones, Oregon
  25. Franchize All-Stars,  Texas
Celtics Youth Basketball Camp presented by Reebok
Celtic Youth Bball Have you ever wanted to learn how to play like the Celtics? This is your opportunity. If you are between the ages of 8-17, you can sign up for one of the Celtics Youth Basketball Camps.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of basketball that generations of Celtics players have built their games on, while playing in a fun and safe environment. Spots are still available at BasketBall City in Boston and at the Celtics practice facility in Waltham.

Check out for more information!

Excellence Corner - Be Prepared
Upcoming Test Dates:
Upcoming SAT Testing:  June 7th Test Date - Must register by May 15, 2008 (late fee may be required)

Upcoming ACT Testing:   June 14, 2008 Test Date - Must register by May 23, 2008 (late fee may be required)

Did You Know?
  • That a cow used for leather Bball shoes yields approx 50 square feet equalling .... Pairs of shoes.
  • That dog bones are made from leftover cow hide scraps.
  • That some Reebok rubber compounds are made with recycled rubber mdeical gloves.
  • That the best soccer boots in the world are made from Kangaroo hides.
Study Tips:
When trying to memorize information, try assocating it to letters or images.  Different techniques include creating an achronym where each letter is a cue to help you remember the new information, an acrostic which is an invented sentence with a first letter cue or the image-name technique where you invent any relationship between the name and the physical characteristics of the person.
Congratulations to Kyle Caudill on his semester 3.7 GPA!
We want to know how you are doing in the classroom and if you are achieving A's in the 3rd quarter, send us an email.
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