Volume V  Number 4 April 2010
The Department of Justice informed TRASA (Texas Registered Accessibility Specialist Association) in February that the 2004 ADAAG is expected to be signed into law by the end of 2010.  I know, I know...we've been hearing this since 2004, but  hopefully it will happen this year.  This newsletter will give you some examples of what to expect
Ranges vs. Absolutes
n the original ADAAG of 1991 there were certain dimensions that were steadfast and absolute.  For example, the water closet should be 18" from the wall to its centerline.
 fig 28
In the 2004 ADAAG, they are realizing that construction is not perfect, and tolerances must be able to be accepted.  So the new ADAAG is allowing from 16"-18" as a range in a standard compartment, and 17"-19" in an ambulatory compartment.


In the original ADAAG, the ambulatory toilet compartment was just 36" wide. 
In the new ADAAG, there is a range for the width of 35"-37", and depth was added to the specifications.  
new ambulatory
Another interesting item to note, is that these compartments are required when six or more compartments/stalls are provided.
  They are intended for other mobility impairments such as walkers, braces etc.
In the new ADAAG, the requirement changed to having to provide the ambulatory compartments if there are six or more plumbing fixtures. Therefore if there is a men's room with two urinals and four compartments, then one ambulatory compartment will be required in addition to the accessible compartment.
Reach Ranges
In the original ADAAG, there was an option for a side approach reach range (54" for the high and 9" for the low) and a front approach reach range (48" for the high and 15" for the low)


old front

old side

The new ADAAG will have only one reach range of 48" and 15" (not over an obstruction)
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Ranges vs. Absolutes
Reach Ranges
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