Volume V  Number 1  January 2010
In reading the ADAAG or TAS you might miss some subtle rules.  Some information is sometimes left off of the figure, or they might be buried in the middle of a paragraph.  This newsletter will point out a couple of these nuances that you might miss.
Toilet Paper dispenser
 When laying out toilets, there are two figures to look at.  One is Fig. 29 (b) shown below, which shows the toilet paper dispenser, but only the height is dimensioned.

fig 29b

 Then you have Fig. 30(d) shown below,  which shows a toilet located in a stall where the toilet paper dispenser is shown dimensioned both in height and distance from the rear wall.

Fig 30d

Even though Fig. 29 (b) does not show the distance from the rear wall, it is assumed that it is an oversight and the 36" max must be met.  The new ADAAG gets rid of the dimension from the rear wall and measures from the edge of the water closet to the toilet paper.
If you are still confused and can't figure out where to put
it, then......(wink, wink)
 toilet paper
Fixed tables and counters

There are several places in the ADAAG and TAS that discusses the requirements for fixed tables and counters (section 4.32 and section 5 for example).


Section 5 discusses counters and tables in places where food is being served and consumed (i.e. restaurants). In a restaurant with fixed counters higher than 34",  either 5% or at least one must be at an accessible height, per paragraph 5.1.

Section 5.1 refers to counters where food is consumed but not served (like in a fast food place which people buy the food at one counter and sit and consume at another rather than having servers).  5% of those counters must be accessible at 34" a.f.f.

But, paragraph 5.2 discusses counters and bars  that are higher than 34" also.  In this case they  are allowed to remain higher  than 34" if the counter is for "serving" and there are other areas near the bar that offers the same service (like in places with a serving staff). 


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Inspector's Corner: Protruding object
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Inspector's Corner: Protruding object

I inspected an office space, where they intelligetly placed the hi-lo water fountain (EWC) so that the higher unit was adjacent to a fixed counter and therefore not protruding into the circulation path. 

ewc next to counter

Unfortunately, they mounted the lower accessible unit so that the spout was right at 36" high.  If you notice the dimension for the spout of an EWC on Fig. 27, the 36" is a maximum.  


Even though this meets all the requirements for the EWC clearances and heights, it created the situation where the leading edge of the EWC was not at the cane detectable height of 27" a.f.f.  In fact it was at 30" a.f.f which made this the protruding object. 

  A protruding object is one that is higher than 27" and projects more than 4" from the wall onto the circulation path.   

If you have any questions about these or any other topics, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Marcela Abadi Rhoads, RAS #240
Abadi Accessibility
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