January  2009   An oldie but a goodie
The tips below were sent out in 2006, but it has good information and I thought I would share it again.
Top  tips for Accessibility Design
1. Before you begin your design, make sure you are aware which code you are required to follow based on the City you are designing in.  (for example, Fort Worth requires ANSI vs. TAS) Click here for the website
2. Create a checklist following the sections of the Texas Accessibility Standards to ensure that you don't leave out any items that must comply.  Click here for my checklist that I use when I review. 
3. When given a range, don't use the lowest or tallest number.  Give yourself some tolerances for construction imperfections.  For example, a handrail can be between 34" and 38", so a 36" tall handrail is acceptable.
4. Remember that in a toilet room, a door cannot swing into the clear floor space of an accessible fixture, but clear floor spaces of fixtures can overlap each other.  And the door swing can overlap the required turning space. There is an exception given in Texas for single user restrooms.  Click here for the Technical Memo  
5. Sinks that are in work areas (per 4.1.1 (3))are not required to have knee clearances for wheel chairs.  An example of a work area would be a lab sink in a medical office, or a sink inside a commercial kitchen.
Break rooms are not considered work areas (that is where you take a "break" from work, therefore do require the knee clearance.
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Inspector's corner: Diaper Changing Station Violation
Diaper changing counter
I made a video of the inpsection I performed in a restroom where the diaper changing station was mounted too high.  Also for more information on this topic see the Technical Memo from TDLR TM-0204
 View the inspection I performed by clicking this link.
If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to contact me any time. 
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