Clarifications                           August  2008
Because TAS can be vague and confusing, TDLR occasionally issues clarifications called "Technical Memorandum".  Below are a few noteworthy ones:
TM 08-01 Curb Ramps


The newest Technical Memorandum TM 08-01 explains the clarified position that TDLR is taking with regard to texture and reflective value at curb ramps.  In summary:

1) Curb ramps found outside the property line (Public right of way):
 a) the detectable warning texture must be truncated domes
b) the detectable warning texture and color can be placed at the bottom 24" of the ramp but at the entire width of the ramp.
curb ramp 

2) At curb ramps located inside the property line:

a) Textures are strongly recommended to be truncated domes, since that is the only texture allowed by the Federal ADA guidelines.  But other textures as listed in TAS 4.7 are still acceptable (i.e. grooves)

b) Texture and contrasting color must be placed the entire depth and width of the curb ramp.

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TM 08-01 Curb Ramps
TM 03-02 Toilet Rooms
TM 03-03 Sinks and Lavatories
Inspector's corner: TM 99-05 Doors
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TM 03-02 Toilet Rooms and Bathrooms

TAS section 4.22.2 and 4.23.2 requires that, at restrooms, the door should not swing into the clear floor space of the accessible fixtures located in the restroom.  This technical memorandum TM 03-02 gives us an exception when the restroom is a single user restroom (like a unisex toilet room).  If this room has a 30"x48" space beyond the swing of the door, then the door can swing into the clear floor space of an accessible fixture.
In the figure below, the door is swinging into the clear floor space of the water closet.
Note: The door CAN swing into the clear "turning radius" which is different than the "clear floor space".rr_clear floor space
TM 03-03 Sinks and Lavatories

 This technical memo TM 03-03 speaks about lavatories for children.  Since it might be difficult to build a front approach lavatory with the proper knee clearance for children ages five and under, TDLR is allowing a side approach for those children.  They still need to comply with having the faucet at 18" max. away from the edge of the counter (using the sink below), but the requirement for front approach is waived.

 kid sink
Inspector's corner: TM 99-05 Doors- clear width
As an inspector I'm always asked if the door hardware can encroach on the clear width of a door when it is opened at a 90 degrees.  This memo TM 99-05 clarifies this question by telling us that if we do have panic hardware or rails on doors, then they can only project 4" from the door into the clear width, if it is mounted between 34"-80".  If it's mounted lower than 34" then it cannot protrude at door
If you have any questions on these or any other topics relating to accessibilty, feel free to contact me anytime.
Marcela Abadi Rhoads, RAS #240
Abadi Accessibility
214. 403.8714