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LCWR Decision Defends Due Process   

Dear Friends,
Last Friday the Leadership Conference of Women Religious issued a courageous response to the Vatican assessment. 

FutureChurch has issued a statement of support recognizing that LCWR is standing tall for all of us: LCWR Board Discernment Defends Due Process Rights of All Catholics.

Our advocacy support through the Nun Justice Project will continue through into August when the leadership of all US sisters meets in St. Louis August 7-11.

Until then, if you haven't already, please pledge to redirect your Peter's Pence contribution to a religious community of your choice.

And we need just 1,800 more signatures on our petition to rescind the Vatican mandate. On June 13, members of the Nun Justice Project will deliver signatures to the U.S. Bishops meeting in Atlanta.  
We are proud that FutureChurch members and board members led and participated in vigils all over the country. 

Our May 30th Cleveland vigil attracted over 650 people and made national news in a New York Times article American Nuns Vow to Fight Vatican Criticism.

Here is local video coverage at News Channel 5: Cleveland Prayer Vigil Supports Catholic Sisters
and in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland-area Catholics hold nation's largest vigil supporting nuns.

We send this now with profound gratitude. You are sending a strong message to the Vatican that as NYT columnist Nicholas Kristoff wrote:, "We are all Nuns"

Thank you for all your support for the NunJustice Project!

Chris Schenk and board and staff at FutureChurch 

P.S. We need just 1,800 more signatures on our petition supporting U.S. sisters to reach our goal of one for every women religious in the United StatesPlease 

For more information on new ways to support the sisters see: http://www.nunjustice.org


For ongoing updates see, http://ncronline.org/SistersUnderScrutiny


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