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13,000 Ask to Delay Flawed Mass Translations
Holy Week and Easter resource adds "Women of Spirit".
Ugandan and Korean priests leave over celibacy
Optional Celibacy Project Featured in Media.
First Woman Appointed Under Secretary of Justice and Peace
Camden Catholics Sue To Keep Parish Open
Cleveland Parishioners Prompt Financial Disclosure
Sponsor a Listening Session On the Future of the Church
Expert Researches Early Ordination Rituals.
Cardinal Rode Criticizes Nuns

Optional Celibacy

Optional Celibacy
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Women Officeholders in the Early Church CD and Presenter's Guide

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Women and The Word


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Women and the Word for Educators: Free Sample!
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 Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America 

A new exhibit documenting the contributions made by US women religious in the history of the United States opened last winter. It will run for three years and has achieved significant critical acclaim.

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13,000 Ask to Delay Flawed Mass Translations, Vatican in Final Review    The "What If We Just Said Wait?" online petition campaign asking Catholic bishops to slow down the implementation of the new Roman Missal has reached 13,000 signatures from 61 countries. The initiative is now aiming for 20,000 signatures and encouraging further grassroots study of this issue.

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Click here for a Catholic News Service Article about the Vatican Review
Holy Week and Easter resource adds "Women of Spirit"  Pentecost prayer service
  lent/holyweekFutureChurch's popular Holy Week and Easter resource is designed to put women like Mary of Magdala, the women from Galilee and the anointing woman "back in the biblical picture" during this most sacred time of the year.  Now, we have added a special Pentecost prayer service featuring Mary the mother of Jesus and the voices of contemporary "Women of Spirit" from six continents.

Includes Powerpoint CD and  updated resources for Cycle  C

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Ugandan and Korean priests leave over celibacy, Irish priests plummet.Signs of the need to change celibacy rules are expanding all over the world.  In Uganda, 20 Catholic priests recently left the RC Church because of celibacy requirements, while four South Korean priests have become Anglican so they can marry.  Meanwhile Irish churchmen are predicting the need for laity to adopt duties formerly performed by priests because: "The difficult truth is that priests will have effectively disappeared in Ireland in two to three decades".  To read more, click on links below:

Ugandan priests leave over celibacy

South Korean Catholic priests become Anglican so they can marry

Laity will adopt duties of declining clerical caste
FutureChurch Optional Celibacy Project Featured in Media The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published a major story about FutureChurch's international work petitioning the Catholic Church to allow married priests.  The story was followed by an extensive WTAM radio interview with Sr. Christine Schenk.

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Optional Celibacy and the Year for Priests
To celebrate the Year for Priests FutureChurch has  created a Novena to the Holy Spirit for an Inclusive Priesthood to be prayed on the first Friday of every month during the Church's Year for Priests.  Click here for the Novena
First Woman Appointed Under Secretary of Justice and Peace Council. Flaminia Giovanelli has been appointed undersecretary at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  She succeeds Bishop Frank J. Dewane of Venice, Fla., who held the position until 2006. Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the justice and peace council, said the appointment of Giovanelli "demonstrates the concern of the church for the promotion of the dignity and rights of women in the world," which is one area of special concern to his office.
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Camden Catholics Sue To Keep Parish Open Almost 300 members of St. Vincent Pallotti parish have sued the Camden Diocese, seeking the return of more than $1 million in donations made before the diocese announced a controversial merger plan for their parish. Parishioners also recently received a letter from  Congregation for the Clergy indicating that they may pursue their appeal challenging the Diocese's plan to merge their vibrant 900 family parish with another smaller parish. The group organized after Bishop Joseph Galante announced he would close half of Camden's 124 parishes.

To read more click here: 300 sue diocese about merger
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Cleveland Parishioners Prompt Financial Disclosure, Historic Landmark Protection The Cleveland protest group "Endangered Catholics" were surprised by an announcement from Bishop Richard Lennon saying that assets from closed parishes (not merged) parishes could follow parishioners to their new parish. Originally, people believed that the assets of a closed parish would go to the diocese. But diocesan spokesperson Robert Tayek said if a congregation or part of a congregation of a suppressed parish moves to another parish, the assets or a portion of the assets would go with the people. For more info click on article below:

Diocese says money from 'suppressed' churches could follow parishioners

In late January Cleveland's Landmarks Commission recommended that six more Catholic churches be added to a list of 31 Catholic churches designated as historical city landmarks, which would give them some protection against demolition or structural changes. The Cleveland Catholic Diocese opposes the designations.

To read more click here

 For more information on parish closings click here:
Sponsor a Listening Session On the Future of the Church  The American Catholic Council is a new coalition of organizations, communities and individuals organizing "discussion at every level of the Catholic Church in the United States to consider the state and future of our Church." The coalition will convene a nationwide conference on Pentecost 2011 (June 10-12) at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

But first it hopes to encourage local and regional listening sessions to be held over the next 18 months.

To download a free toolkit for sessions in your home, parish or small faith community click here

For more info on the American Catholic Council, Click here
  Expert on Female Diaconate Researches Early Ordination Rituals.  Dr. Phyllis Zagano was recently granted a Fulbright Scholarship for a new project focssing on "'ritual validation of roles for Catholic women, including historical analysis of their ordination, benediction, enrollment, consecration, and profession rites." She found that "Ancient and medieval sources reveal parallel developments of rituals to accept and certify women's church service."  

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Cardinal Rode Criticizes Nuns Cardinal Rode recently had some harsh things to say about religious orders in the West. He said the "crisis" in vocations was caused by a "secularist mentality" on the part of religious orders in the developed world and apparently implied that communities that accept "foreign vocations" (sic) "in places like Africa, India and the Philippines", could be taking a "deceptive and damaging shortcut."  Barring mistakes in translation, this is disturbing evidence of a surprisingly narrow Vatican worldview with regard to women religious, and the apparent no-win status of women in leadership in the church.

To read more click here

Mother Mary Claire Asks Religious Orders To Reconsider On January 10, Mother Mary Claire Milea sent a letter to the heads of communities of women religious in the United States asking them to "prayerfully reconsider" their decision to not comply with a Vatican questionnaire that was widely regarded as infringing upon their canonical rights and responsibilities. The personal visits by officials who have been required to take an oath of fidelity will begin in April and continue into the Fall.  

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And here

Circulate a Petition to Support the Sisters:A California parish group calling itself the Women of Magdala garnered 1400 signatures (half of parish adults) on a petition supporting US sisters and sent copies to church officials.

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