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"In the church today, we are experiencing a dictatorial mindset and spiritual violence."     Sr. Theresa Kane
Dear Friends  

Please take a moment TODAY to show your support for US sisters who are facing an unprecedented investigation by the Vatican. We are very concerned about the secrecy and lack of due process in this investigation. Communities of women religious will not be permitted to see reports about them that will be submitted to the Vatican.  US sisters have been very faithful to the internal communal reforms called for by Vatican II.  They deserve our support.
Chris Schenk csj (for FutureChurch board and staff)

Write to church officials today to share your positive experience of women religious (and let us know you wrote!).  Click here for addresses, background info and and writing tips

FutureChurch is a cosponsoring a sign-on ad supporting women religious. Click here to read the ad, and sign up  (cost is $15).

Here are links to recent online articles about this important issue.

Discerning ministerial religious life today

Sandra M. Schneiders IHM

Vatican asks U.S. bishops to fund $1.1 million sisters study

By Thomas C. Fox National Catholic Reporter

Mercy Sister Theresa Kane criticizes church hierarchy

By Thomas C. Fox, National Catholic Reporter

Updated: Questionnaire for women religious
By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service

Forward to a Friend

Tangled labyrinthine
paths of
yield, slowly
as Ruah's
freshening wind
whispers gently
the Way.

Come Holy Spirit,
Renew the face of our Church

                                                  Christine Schenk csj

(Ruah is the Hebrew word for Holy Spirit,)

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