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Practice on the Small Things,
So you can perform on the BIG Things!

Most people think technology is difficult because they wait until they need their device to actually do its thing. We encourage people to have some fun and play with the technology BEFORE they need it.

Here are a few ideas to practice before you need the technology to shine for a BIG, important event:


    *Video chat with friends before you video chat with clients.

    *Share your screen via video chat.

    *Transfer photos from your phone or camera of "practice

      pictures", before you go on vacation.

    * Call and leave a message. Set it up on

       speed dial now.

FYI: If you want to play around with a few video chat services, check out:, Skype, iChat,,  just to name a few.

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    PS We're half way through the 
    on-line Mastering Workplace Performance course and receiving tremendous positive comments. We'll keep you posted when we offer it again in January 2011.
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