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This may sound like common sense to you, but I'm often surprised when people don't take even the most basic steps to make a big impact when they meet someone new. Networking is a business skill. It's something we can practice, and it gets easier the more we do it.

Send an email, invite them to LinkedIn or even hand-write a card. Whatever it is, make the effort to stay connected. If you met them at a large event, make it easy for them to remember who you are by mentioning topics you talked about. And make sure that if you promised to send them some information, that you actually do it.

Do it ASAP, that evening. It doesn't get easier if you wait and there's never more time "later." You may be surprised at the trust and credibility it creates by being on top of your game.

Here are the 5+ Steps we take after meeting someone new:
  1. I write notes on the business cards as I get them, reminding me what we talked about, and if I'm going to do, get or send them something.
  2. I add their email to our newsletter list.
  3. I send them an invitation to join my Social Media communities (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  4. I enter their contact info into our database.
  5. I put the card in a shoebox... to archive.
  6. *Bonus: I hand-write a card. This is easy to do because I keep stamped cards in my travel bag, so they're always ready to go!

As always, it's great having you as a part of our community,

Jason & Jodi

PS Do you have an additional practice to add when you meet someone new? If so, we'd love to hear it. Email us directly to let us know what you do to keep and build relationships.

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