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4 Outlook Tips to Start Your Day Off Ahead of the Game

Most of us live in Outlook. Here are 4 tips to get Outlook to work smarter for you:

1. Drag an Email to your Calendar to make a new Appointment

2. Click Control Shift A to make a new Appointment from any screen in Outlook! (You don't need to be in Calendar to do this...)

3. Add a phone number to the Appointment Subject line, so you can dial it directly with one click on your BlackBerry.

4. Create a new meeting invitation by clicking Control Shift Q. (This will save you 3 mouse clicks!)

If you're ready for more, check out this 4 minute training video Jason created to walk you through some hints on customizing your Calendar to stay ahead of the game.

As always, it's great having you as a part of our community,

Jason & Jodi

PS If you're not an Outlook user, don't worry. We'll have more tips for you in the next newsletter. If you'd like a few tips for the system you use, email us directly. That's what we do! Make sure to tell us what email system you're using...

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