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Some clients have requested an Advanced Productivity workshop. Sounds good. I asked them what that means, exactly. They say they don't know but they need something fast that will help them handle everything they need to do, stop anything from falling through the cracks, keep their team inspired and get to all the good ideas they know they should be doing but don't have the time to do.

Here are 4 questions to start you off on your advanced personal productivity:

1. If interruptions keep you from getting the quality focus time you need, review how to use Agendas.

2. If you and your team need a dose of daily inspiration, see how surrounding yourself with the best and brightest in the world make you better at what you do.

3. If you want a few ways to get even more benefit from a seminar you've already attended, see how 3 steps can re-engage you with the information.

4. If you've got technology that you still don't know how to use, get help now. Jason's testing out new apps on his BlackBerry, and Jodi wrote a cheat sheet for BlackBerry users with 10 tips you might not know.

As always, it's great having you as a part of our community,

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Why are we confident enough to offer to take on all the risk? Because we have 10 years of one-on-one coaching experience. We've whittled down hundreds of productivity and workflow techniques to bring you these essential insights to get out of overwhelm into a relaxed and focused work-mode where you're at your best and you feel in control.

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You can hire The Womack Company for these things:

1. Deliver our Maximizing Workplace Performance seminar, a skills training seminar for any size group providing insights into working more effectively and knowing inside tips on using technology and  psychology  to actually help you with your team's workflow.

2. Coach you on an individual level, customizing your technology, systems and productivity strategies to make your life easier (aka Executive Coaching).

3. Create a customized team productivity package that combines the Workplace Performance seminar series and the individual executive coaching to uplevel the performance of entire departments.

Call (805) 640-6401 to speak with Jason directly.
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Our schedule for  Seminars & Coaching:

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SF, CA May 26-27
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Boulder Jun 22-25
London June 28- Jul 2

Email Jason directly if you'd like to meet up with him while he's in your town.

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John Weller
VP Megastar Financial

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Peggy Biocceri
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