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Best Ways to Communicate for Fast Replies
Plus a few suggestions on how to ask for what you want and get it!

If you've ever missed a meeting because someone left you a voicemail instead of sending an email, you know that more ways to communicate doesn't always lead to better communication.
Knowing what your Learning Style preference is and those of the people you work with just makes life easier to get the info across more clearly...

Here are a few tips to determine if the person you're working with is Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic.

If they say...
"I see what you mean. Looks good." = Visual
"I hear what you mean. Sounds good." = Auditory
"I GET it. Feels right*." = Kinesthetic

*Kinesthetic people will usually pace and then snap, clap or do some other physical thing too.

So if you know what your preference for communication is, ask for it. If you prefer receiving emails over other methods, let people know that! One client puts the following message at the bottom of his email signature line:

(For fastest reply please use email)

Another client includes the following message in her outgoing voicemail, "Leaving a message here is the fastest way to get a hold of me. There's no need to call my other numbers or email me at this time. Thanks."

As always, it's great having you as a part of our community,

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Jason & Jodi

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