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Making Following Up Easy
3 tips to staying on top of staying in touch

Do you have a shoe box of business cards from an event that you've been meaning to follow up with? Or a big stack of past client folders to reach out to, but never have the time?

Everyone knows that following up with potential clients after a meeting is a good idea. However, these good ideas sometimes don't happen when the busy-ness of life hits us.

We help people build their organizational systems to support all of their good ideas. Try these 3 tips to stay of top of staying in touch:

1. Set up your systems in advance.We include paper, computer and smart phones as our "tools". Get stationary with stamped envelopes & your return address labels ready. Have them with you and ready to send. Create a template "signature" in your email that you can customize each time you get a new email address. And play around with your smart phone (BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) to use "auto text" to create an email that nobody would ever guess you sent from a hand-held phone! Make it as long as you need to say what you want, have it spelled correctly, and have it ready to go when you are.                   

2. "Practice on the Small Things" has been one of our mantras since the beginning of our company. Practice writing cards, emails and follow up even for casual meet ups. You'll get better at writing them and faster at sending them the more often you do it. Plus when it comes time to write an important note, it won't be the first one you've done, since your mom made you do it.

3. Get real. Ask yourself if you're really going to email these people. If you are, do it now. If not, throw it out! Do yourself a favor. Stop wasting time by feeling bad, agonizing over the piles and beating yourself up over what you're not doing. You might be amazed at how much energy you free up by getting real.

We look forward to staying in touch with you!


Jason & Jodi

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