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Many clients ask how we fit it all in: the travel, the articles, triathlon training, and life with all of its many details. It's no secret there's a lot to do.

The secret is to find ways to get more of what you'd like to be doing along with what you need to be doing. Things like writing, exercise, and quality time with friends and family fall into this category of important but not urgent.

One technique we use is to set the date for your commitment. Examples of how we do this are by : 
  • promising editors articles by a specific date
  • announcing a seminar & creating a sign up sheet
  • inviting friends over for dinner
  • sign up for an event (race, conference, coaching, etc.)
By creating your own deadlines, you will step up to the occasion. Once you make those commitments public, you can't help but be in your integrity and make it happen.

A few pointers for implementing this technique:
  • start slowly...and pace yourself
  • keep track of your commitments
  • update your calendar, so it's always current
  • start with smaller commitments, and practice keeping these. Then work up to more volume and significant events.
Cheers from London...

Jason & Jodi Womack

The New & Improved Womack Company website
Our new website is up and running. And we'd love for you to visit. Besides being beautiful, clean and full of new pictures, we've updated our services and ideas on how we can help you and your organization. We look forward to seeing you there.
Speedkey 0

Here are a few practical tips on Speedkey 0 (the letter "oh"):


  • Firefox, Google, Chrome, Explorer: Control O opens a NEW window.
  • Microsoft (MS) Office: Control O:  opens a document 
  • MS Outlook:  Control O: "Open" ... new item for the current view (task, note, appointment, etc.).
  • Entourage: Command O opens the current view (in email, this will automatically open attachments).
  • All Office programs (Word, Excel, etc) Command O, open field to select a document.
  • Firefox: Command O: Opens the document selection window.

Over the next few newsletters we'll go through the "speed-key" alphabet together, A-Z.Speedkeys for the earlier letters are in the previous newsletters available in our online archive.

Missing a couple of letters?
For a Quick Reference Sheet for speedkeys, visit:
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Our schedule for travel, speaking, racing & Workplace Performance Seminars and Coaching!

London, June 22-26
Ventura Triathlon, June 28
Women's Biz Social, July 8
Washington, DC, July 13-24
NY Triathlon, July 25
New York, NY July 27-28
London, July 29-31
Alaska, August...
Malibu Triathlon, Sept 12
London, Sept 14-15
Zurich, Sept 17-18
New York, Sept 21-22
Raleigh, NC Sept 24-25
Ojai, Sept 26-27

We will be spending the entire month of August in Alaska. We visited in March & LOVED it, so we're coming back!  If you're interested in a seminar or coaching, let us know. We'd love to work with you while we're there.
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"Jason has given me private coaching to increase my personal and professional productivity. His coaching, which include strong influencing techniques, has encouraged me to become more productive and less stressed."

Daniel Tytiun
The Making Things Possible DVD Workbook is now available on our website, as a free download.

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If you purchased the DVD in the past or would like to know more about it, we invite you to download the Making Things Possible DVD workbook.

"Jason's DVD's very resourceful and provides many quick and simple techniques that allowed me to save crucial minutes everyday."
- Pin Lee (New York City)

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