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We understand the current economic situation and the rising costs of travel have made it difficult to make investments in your education. Functional Fitness offers some of the best opportunities to provide something useful and desired by today's Fitness buyers.  WKC® has an offer for you if you meet a few requirements.



Finance Your Fitness Education

We've known for a long time now that the power of World Kettlebell Club® resides in its members and our educational system. The more information we can provide and the faster we can delivery it, directly relates to the success we have as an organization. Sadly, many have written in saying they can't afford to travel and pay for our courses quite yet, and have have committed to us to be their next course provider when they do save up the money. For these people and others who are feeling the same way, we have decided to offer internal "financing" of our Coach Certifications and Camps.

There are some basic requirements to take advantage of this opportunity.

First, you must be or become a WKC® Trainer. There are NO CREDIT CHECKS, however, we must qualify you somehow, so before we take a chance on you, we must know you are serious about getting the best kettlebell education available. If you are not already a WKC® Trainer, you can likely find Master Trainer within driving distance offering a Certification

Our MT's are confirming course dates all the time and some even do private sessions, so write to [email protected] and we'll help you get this qualification met.

The second step is to write WKC® and tell why you are interested in gaining more knowledge with us and are worthy of our investment in you. We aren't a finance company. We're a Kettlebell Fitness and Sport School. We are not charging you for the "loan" and those who get this deal will not pay more than someone who pays cash. Let's face it though, we want to know you are going to represent us well and have a plan to do so, no matter how small that plan is. We've had almost all of the current Kettlebell Gurus in the business attend at least one of our courses and go on to form or expand their own organizations, but not all of them have given us credit for helping expand their understanding of Kettlebells. That's ok! Those types of folks are welcome, but they will need to pay up front. Maybe even CASH ;-)


For those of you who are new to the WKC® Courses and the information presented, we want to inform you that many in the industry try to separate Kettlebell Lifting for Sport or Fitness and pigeonhole us into the "just sport" category. While we have had the most success in Kettlebell Sport, in some respects we don't see much difference, and you can bet the same core principles will be taught at our courses no matter what your personal goals are with the Kettlebell. The fact remains that the most fit people who lift Kettlebells as their primary source of exercise ARE the Sport Athletes, but WKC® has recognized the need to separate Fitness Protocols from Sport Protocols, as well as Protocols for Strength & Conditioning for other Sports. This is why we have had these 3 main divisions within our club from the start.

Techniques and fundamentals are the same, but your level of understanding must develop over time. Our Chief Advisor Valery Fedorenko completely understands this and is prepared to instill this foundation in you based on his more than 20 years as a record breaking Kettlebell Sport athlete. Pavel Tsatsouline, a major contributor to kettlebell promotion in the USA and someone who also got his start in Kettlebell Sport, once asked Valery to check his rack position at a course. Even multi-year World Champions have asked Coach Fedorenko to check them out and give some tips. Rack position, overhead position, trajectory, grip, pace... These are all very important no matter what your personal goals are with this form of exercise.

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