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August 8, 2012
I joined Literacy Connexus . . .
Lynda Bertram It's said that we spend the first half of our lives acquiring things, and the second half of our lives getting rid of them. After retiring and moving to a new city, then getting married and combining two full households, I found myself burdened with too much "stuff" I neither wanted nor needed. Yet I'm blessed with overly-generous family members, particularly my two grown children, who want very much to give gifts for every possible occasion. 

So this year, I  gave notice to my family that I wanted donations to Literacy Connexus as a birthday present. I could not think of any physical, tangible gift that could bring me as much joy as knowing that the mission of Literacy Connexus was being supported and fulfilled. Mere objects may be put aside or forgotten in a short amount of time, but the impact of a gift to Literacy Connexus lasts long after it is made, as communities and churches work together through Books for the Border and Beyond to bring resources and a lifelong love of reading to families in need. This gift becomes a blessing that is shared with many more people than just the recipient. 

At my birthday celebration, I didn't miss opening presents. Simply being surrounded by those I love, and knowing of their gift to an organization I so strongly believe in, made my day a memorable one.

Lynda Bertram
Literacy Connexus Board of Directors
Training Opportunities

Please see for information on the following two-day training events:

TEX (Teaching English with Excellence)
Basic ESL Training for New ESL Teachers of Adult Students
Aug. 17-18, 2012   FBC Universal City
Sept. 7-8, 2012   FBC Keller
Sept. 14-15, 2012   Faith Center FBC Houston

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