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February 8, 2012
Allison Blush joined Literacy Connexus . . . 

Imagine stepping into a job position with the assignment of strengthening the organization and increasing its capacity to eliminate poverty in the lives of those it serves. No pressure, but you only have one year to do it and you will only be paid a token salary for your time and effort--just enough to keep you below the poverty line.


Welcome to the world of AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service To America.


Our VISTA is Allison, and she demonstrated that you don't step into the position; you hit the ground running. For starters, she took part in a bookcase-building demonstration in front of an audience of master wood workers before her first week was out. Over the next four months, she carried the baton in Books for the Border projects, ESL correspondence, social media development, and grant writing--keeping pace with Literacy Connexus as we pushed beyond our previously established borders.


For the rest of the year, she'll funnel those skills into the development of new tools for our website, enabling Books for the Border and Beyond project participants to more easily connect with each other and to those being served. Her VISTA project is designed to increase the capacity of our organization while she's here, and to sustain that increase after she moves on.


Allison is a proven member of the Literacy Connexus team, performing every task with energy and creativity. She may have hit the ground running, but she'll cross the finish line in August weighed down with much respect, appreciation, good wishes--and our reluctance to let her go.


(Look for Allison to share her story in an upcoming edition.)

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