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June 1, 2011
 I joined Literacy Connexus . . .  

. . . because I can't imagine life without books in my home or without the ability to read newspapers, novels, signs, directions, recipes, magazines, forms, mail, or cereal boxes. More to the point, I can't imagine life without the ability to open my Bible and study it for myself.  But until I encountered Literacy Connexus, I took every one of these things for granted.


Pam Moore joined . . .

Last year's BGCT Morning of Missions in McAllen provided the opportunity to participate in a Books for the Border family reading fair. I arrived at Iglesia Bautista Principe de Paz about the same time as the invited families, and witnessed their joy at being blessed through this ministry. The faces and names of those children--Victor, Illanely, Yessica, and others--are permanently etched in my mind as symbols of what this work is about and why it is important.


Since the McAllen event, I've had the opportunity to write a Books for the Border planning guide for churches and to participate in other Literacy Connexus projects. This involvement has opened my eyes to the literacy needs prevalent in our state and to the work being accomplished toward a solution. I have subsequently committed to being a part of this work.


Seeing  literacy missions ministry up close, through volunteering with Literacy Connexus, has given me a better understanding of the concept of coming alongside others to help meet needs, and of establishing connections through which Christ's love can be communicated and demonstrated. This has caused me to be more effective in ministry in my church and community. By the examples of others, Literacy Connexus has given me a clearer grasp of what it means to be a servant leader, and a desire to grow in this area.


Pam Moore, volunteer 

Copperas Cove

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