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CrisisLink Chosen as one of Region's 64 Great Charities!
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Pentagon Channel's Around the Services Program Highlights CrisisLink as Critical Hotline (fast forward to 16:00m to see CrisisLink segment)
Pentagon Channel [video]

Regional Nonprofit Leaders Meet to Discuss Economic Uncertainty
CrisisLink Interviewed in Local Media
WAMU [audio]
FOX 5 [video]


 SPOTLIGHT ON: The Season For Giving
 Increased demand for CrisisLink's services signals increased need for volunteers & support

It truly is the season to give. Recent media reports show an increase in calls to crisis hotlines around the country due to the current financial crisis. Suicide-related calls to CrisisLink's 24/7 Crisis Hotlines were up 142% in October alone. During these challenging times, more people are feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and need a place to turn. But this holiday season, CrisisLink is doing more than ever to help people struggling to get by.

CrisisLink is on the front lines responding to people struggling with their own crises. We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help when people need it the most. We help people see hope for the future, gain courage to persevere, and understand that they are not alone. But we can't do this alone.

Your support is critical to ensuring CrisisLink is able to provide quality, life-saving programs and services in the region. Your support is essential to helping us recruit and train volunteers who donate more than 13,600 hours each year to keep our Crisis Hotlines going strong. Your support will help ensure someone who cares can be there to answer the call.

CrisisLink relies on more than 80 highly-trained volunteers to staff our crisis hotlines 16 out of 24 hours each day. As calls to our crisis hotlines increase, the need for more volunteers is increasing as well.

Please Donate Today.
Your generous contribution this holiday season will help support the volunteers who give so much to help others, and our life saving programs for the region.

Please Volunteer Today.
Find out how you can volunteer at CrisisLink and make a difference.

How You Can Help Make a Difference at CrisisLink 

 Conversations with: Pat Joy
 Longtime CrisisLink Volunteer & Donor

Pat Joy is a dedicated CrisisLink volunteer and donor. It is because of volunteers and supporters like Pat, that CrisisLink is able to provide the region with vital, life-saving programs and services.

Q: Pat, how long have you been involved with CrisisLink?
A: More than 17 years!

Q: What keeps you involved?
A: CrisisLink is one of the few places that directly helps to save lives. Not many other organizations can say that every single day we are helping those in need learn to help themselves, and talk about why they are in pain. I'd say that's a powerful reason.

Q: What are your roles as a volunteer here at CrisisLink?
A: I am the call manager on my shift and I am training to be an on-the-job trainer for new Hotline Listeners. I also help with CrisisLink's outreach efforts, often sitting behind the booth at fairs and events, and I have been AIRS (Alliance of Information and Referral Systems) certified for CrisisLink's newest program, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA.

Q: Which experiences have you valued the most at CrisisLink?
A: That's an easy question. My wonderful shift partners, the fabulous friends I've made, and the staff! Plus, every week is different. I am NEVER bored at CrisisLink because you never know what to expect. Every single call is different. It teaches you how to roll with the punches, keep you focused. I have learned something new with every person I have ever shared a shift with-how can you find that with any other volunteer opportunity?

Q: What would you like to share with those thinking about supporting CrisisLink?
A: CrisisLink provides a huge service for the community. Volunteers and staff give so much time to this organization. They make limited resources go a long way in saving lives and helping others.

Editor's Note: CrisisLink leverages more than $500,000 in donated goods and services each year to support our life saving programs.


 The Faces of CrisisLink
 Volunteers & Donors Tell Us Why They Support CrisisLink

I support CrisisLink because:

"Their mission speaks to my spirit, their dedication goes above and beyond, and their strong sense of duty and community touch my heart and have provided me an important opportunity to make a difference."
- Laura Renenger, Donor & CrisisLink Volunteer

"I have received much comfort and healing from both giving and receiving support via CrisisLink's support group. I donate annually to CrisisLink to help ensure that somebody in need can reach out and find compassion and hope at the other end of a phone line."
-J. U., Donor & CrisisLink Support Group Member

"I support CrisisLink because my husband lost his mother and grandmother to suicide so I'm passionate about our mission of saving lives and preventing tragedies, and because I get to work with truly talented, exceptional people--our staff and volunteers--who save lives everyday."
- Carol Loftur-Thun, Donor & CrisisLink's Executive Director

"It's rewarding to know you've helped someone deal with a problem and reassure them that everything will be ok."
- Laura Harty, CrisisLink Volunteer

"I see time and time again that it is possible to make a real difference in the world one person at a time."
- Margaret Mathis, Donor & CrisisLink's Director of Hotline Services & Training.

"There are so many people who are in their darkest hour who need empathy and support. And the people who volunteer their time at CrisisLink are living proof that each one of us has the power to help each other (even to help a stranger) though times of personal tragedy and crisis. "
- Lindsay Paulette-Chapman, CrisisLink's Hotline & Volunteer Manager

"I believe empowering people is the only true way to help people. I also support CrisisLink because they support me both personally and professionally. CrisisLink is my second family."
-Jamie Carter, Donor & CrisisLink's 2-1-1 Call Center Director

"Our volunteers and staff believe so passionately in CrisisLink's mission and provide such a valuable service to this community. Our work applies to all people in all walks of life--anyone who has experienced a crisis of their own can understand why what we do is so important. I feel privileged to work with such dedicated and caring people, who so selflessly give their time and hearts to people who need it the most."
-Elizabeth Yen, Donor & CrisisLink's Development & PR Associate

I donate to CrisisLink because of the positive difference we make in people's lives every day and to support the amazing volunteers who make so much of what CrisisLink does possible. It's powerful thing to work alongside so many people--volunteers, donors, and fellow staff--who are absolutely committed to helping people get through the difficult times in their lives and regain their sense of hope for the future.
-Marshall Ellis, Donor & CrisisLink's Director of Development

"There are people who call to talk to CrisisLink's Volunteer Hotline Listeners and its the only person they'll speak to for the day. Our volunteers are there for people who feel they have nowhere to turn. I admire and respect what our volunteers do."
- Hyelan Park, Donor & CrisisLink's Finance & Office Manager

"I am able to give the gift of time through being a regular volunteer."
- Carmel Comendador, CrisisLink Volunteer

"We save lives when other people may not be able to."
- Nate Kerr, CrisisLink Volunteer

Your generous support this holiday season will go a long way to help those in need in our community. 

 Media Corner

Male Suicide a Growing Concern in Tough Times
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Bases Brace for Surge in Stress-Related Disorders
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People in Chronic Pain Show Higher Suicide Risk
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Veterans Increasingly Falling to Suicide
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 Buy a Cookbook, Save a Life
 CrisisLink Cookbook for Sale Online

With the holidays in full swing, food is on everyone's minds! Comfort Food from CrisisLink, a cookbook featuring recipes from CrisisLink volunteers and staff, is a culinary expression of our mission. The cookbook features eclectic food that will satisfy anyone's appetite, along with helpful suggestions and hints for the chef. All proceeds from the sales of this cookbook go to support our efforts to save lives and prevent tragedies everyday.

Cookbooks are available for purchase online for $15 each.


Thank you for your support!

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