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We're pleased to announce a new feature of CrisisLink's monthly e-newsletter--our SPOTLIGHT ON series. CrisisLink provides a comprehensive range of programs throughout the region to 1) prevent crises from occurring; 2) to intervene when they do; and 3) to assist those who lose loved ones to suicide or another sudden and traumatic loss. The new SPOTLIGHT ON series will explore the many ways in which CrisisLink does this by highlighting a different CrisisLink program each month. We'll explore how our programs operate, the impact they have on the community, and provide related information and resources. This month, our SPOTLIGHT ON series focuses on CrisisLink's newest program -- 2-1-1 VIRGINIA, which just went 24/7. CrisisLink is the 2-1-1 VIRGINIA provider in Northern Virginia. Next month, our SPOTLIGHT ON series will focus on You Talk, We Listen, CrisisLink's youth suicide prevention initiative. We hope you find our new SPOTLIGHT ON series informative and useful.

 CrisisLink News

CrisisLink Recognizes the Dedication and Commitment of our Volunteers with Special Event at National Airport
More than 100 volunteers help make possible CrisisLink's many life saving programs. CrisisLink honored these community heroes on June 27 for all that they do for CrisisLink and the community. More Info.

Summer Training Class for New CrisisLink Hotline Volunteers Begins Aug. 9.
CrisisLink is seeking volunteers to become trained Hotline Listeners and answer calls on CrisisLink's 24/7 Crisis & Suicide Prevention Hotlines. Learn what it's all about. More Info.



2-1-1 VIRGINIA is a statewide, 24/7 health and human service Information and Referral (I&R) program administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services and provided regionally by 6 nonprofit organizations. 2-1-1 VIRGINIA offers a wide range of support to individuals, such as housing or financial assistance, or care for an aging or ailing parent, and helps callers access resources in the community when they need them the most. The three-digit phone number helps individuals navigate the increasingly complex social services system. CrisisLink is proud to be the 2-1-1 VIRGINIA provider in Northern Virginia.

CrisisLink's Information & Referral Specialists collect and maintain information on more than 4,400 programs available in the region and work with 2-1-1 callers to identify and connect them to the services they need.

In trying economic times, the need for health and human services increases as people find themselves struggling to make ends meet. People who have never sought assistance before, unexpectedly find themselves needing assistance. By dialing 2-1-1, anyone can quickly and easily find the services that they need to help them get back on their feet.

It's not only people who struggle to make ends meet. We're relying more and more on nonprofit organizations to provide social services, and in difficult economic climates, nonprofits themselves often struggle to raise sufficient funding to provide the services that are so desperately needed. By making it easier for residents to connect with needed social services, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA enables nonprofits to focus more of their resources on serving clients.

2-1-1 VIRGINIA also helps governments better serve the community. Call trends demonstrate the health and human service needs of residents. And the 24/7 availability of 2-1-1 VIRGINIA is key during emergencies and disaster relief efforts.

Learn more about 2-1-1 VIRGINIA in the Northern Region:

  • Visit the 2-1-1 VIRGINIA web page on CrisisLink's web site at: http://www.crisislink.org/programs/211.

  • The National Capital Region 2-1-1 Conference: Partnerships in Preparedness. The free conference on Thursday, July 17th will explore stronger links with emergency management and highlight regional 2-1-1 success stories. Learn more. Today is the deadline to RSVP!

  • Help us by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues--request free 2-1-1 VIRGINIA brochures and wallet cards to share with your friends, colleagues, clients, and more. To request materials, please call Tina Romero-Ita at 703-752-5264.

  • 2-1-1 VIRGINIA in the Northern Region and CrisisLink in the news! On Thursday, July 24th, Fox 5 will feature 2-1-1 VIRGINIA in the Northern region throughout the day, as they discuss ways to reduce the cost of living. Viewers can chat live with one of CrisisLink's 2-1-1 I&R Specialists and other organizations that are available to help. 2-1-1 VIRGINIA in the Northern Region will be featured as one of the tools to help individuals find assistance.

  • Log on to 2-1-1 VIRGINIA's online database to find the services you're looking for. www.211virginia.org.

  • Next time you hop on that metro bus, check out the New Metro Bus Ads for 2-1-1 VIRGINIA in the Northern region! The ads are located on the tails and interiors of all metro buses. Get connected, Get answers.


 A 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Success Story

The following story is based on an actual call to 2-1-1 VIRGINIA answered by CrisisLink. Some elements have been changed to protect the identity of the caller.

2-1-1 VIRGINIA's Northern region recently received a call from Sam, an elderly man who had been in and out of the hospital for pneumonia and other illnesses and was put on a nebulizer to help him breathe. The nebulizer, which must be used every 4 hours, required electricity. Unfortunately, Sam's electricity had been cut off due to several unpaid bills. Sam lives with his daughter, but the two are barely making ends meet, and have many other outstanding bills.

Sam called 2-1-1 VIRGINIA, desperate for help in getting connected to an organization that could help him get his electricity turned back on. Diane, one of CrisisLink's 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Information and Referral Specialists, attempted to connect him with local organizations and agencies that provide emergency financial assistance. However, when Diane followed up with Sam, she discovered that he had been turned away by most of the area agencies, as many had only small contributions to spare. Sam, too proud to call 2-1-1 back and ask for help, was now living on cold hot dogs and discounted food from the local grocery store. He and his daughter were getting water in jugs from her workplace, and Sam was only using his nebulizer once a day at a neighbor's house.

Alarmed that Sam and his daughter's situation was spiraling out of control, Diane stepped up her efforts to ensure Sam received the help he needed. With the help of Sam's local county Social Services agency, the Area Agency on Aging, and Adult Protective Services, Sam received enough money to get his electricity turned back on. And once he was connected to the Social Services system, he became eligible for a number of other cost saving programs. Sam is grateful to 2-1-1 VIRGINIA for following up with him and to the many county agencies that helped him pay his bills so that he can continue to live independently.

This is just one example of how CrisisLink serves area residents in need through 2-1-1 VIRGINIA by helping them navigate the complex social service system and connecting them to the services they need.


 How to Utilize 2-1-1 VIRGINIA!

  1. Before calling, Create a List of the different issues you may need help with. We will try to get all of your questions answered in one phone call.
  2. Be proactive, call early to prevent minor situations from escalating into major emergencies. Don't wait until you are deep into a crisis or problem to seek help.
  3. Have realistic expectations. Sometimes help takes time. 2-1-1 VIRGINIA's Northern region database has over 4,400 resources, but some resources are being utilized more than others. You and your 2-1-1 Information and Referral Specialist may have to be creative and work through the problem together.
  4. Keep in touch! If a referral doesn't work out, call and let us know so we can connect you to other available resources and get you the help you need.
  5. And remember,we're available 24 hours a day!

Keep in mind that 2-1-1 VIRGINIA is for everyone and can assist individuals with a wide range of health and human services.


 Media Corner
 CrisisLink's issues in the news

The New York Times Magazine: The Urge to End it All
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MSNBC: Is Your Parent Depressed? Get Help.
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Tune in to FOX 5 on July 24th to learn more about the benefits of 2-1-1 VIRGINIA during this tough economic climate. The segments are part of a FOX 5 feature on reducing your cost of living now.

The Nonprofit Roundtable: You Have 10 Days to Move Out: A scan of nonprofit organizations working on the front lines of the foreclosure crisis in Greater Washington.
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