National Call-In for maintaining investments in Head Start/Early Head Start and Child Care

Please Forward to Members & Partners Today!

300,000 Children Could Lose Head Start and Child Care

If You Don't Call on Nov. 15!


Congress is back in Washington on Monday and has limited time to ensure that funding is not cut for child care and Head Start before the end of the year.  They must act on Head Start and Child Care's FY 2011 Appropriations by early December andwe must let Congress know that it is critical to invest in Head Start and early childhood education.


NHSA has partnered with several of our allied national partners to organize a call-in to Congress today.  We need you to Call Congress Today and let our collective voices be heard!  


As many as to 300,000 children shouldn't be dropped from Head Start and Child Care, and we need to create the Early Learning Challenge Fund to encourage states to do even better for young children and families.


Quick Tips for November 15

Call Congress!

1.Call 1-888-460-0813

2.The first person to answer the phone will be an operator who will ask how you want to be connected. Tell the operator the name of your Member of Congress. (Not sure? Click here.)

3.Once you are connected to the office of your Member of Congress, a staff person will answer the phone. Tell the staff person:

  My name is (name) and I am calling from (city, state) and I am (your role in Head Start).

   Don't drop 61,000 children from Head Start and 239,000 children from Child Care. Make sure that continued funding for Head Start and Child Care and Development Block Grant are NOT REDUCED in the appropriations bill and that the Early Learning Challenge Fund is included.

         We are counting on you here in (state). Thank you.

4.Then, hang up and ask five friends or coworkers to make a call as well.