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The Raffia Garter
Perfect for your Island Wedding or the Culturally Inspired 

Did You Know?


The Brides garter in 14th century France symbolized the relase of the virgin's girdle. Wedding guest rushed the bride for this
prize which would bestow good luck. Many guest were hurt in maylay and the brides began to remove their garters and throw them instead. We may dress differently than 14th century France, but the wedding guest are still fighting to the end for that little piece of elastic and some good luck.

Price $22.00

The Raffia Garter is a perfect change to the ordinary.  Whether you are going to toss it or just have some fun on the Honeymoon, it is a new twist on an old tradition.
The Garter is made of a soft raffia that is elastisized with two raffia flowers embelishments.

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