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October 2006

Custom Designed Weddings may seem a little scary, and if any of you are fans of Platinum Weddings the price quotes for some of these services are out of sight. It's like someone said BOO! Well you don't have to shiver in horror, many companies today have created a custom designed services and products without the and the through the moon prices.

This month we have highlighted some business that will give you just what you wanted, the best wedding, ever. There is high, unbelievably low and sometimes you just have to ask and you shall receive.

Customize It!
  • Custom Designed Gowns
  • I'm Such A Fan
  • Furrrrrific
  • Wedding Consultants or Not
  • When An Eyelash Falls...

  • I'm Such A Fan

    And you will be too. Concepts ll Completion will create all your graphic needs. Their mission is to create products you and your guest will love, enjoy, and cherish. Every piece of stationary is designed and produced by hand. They work closely with you as you choose your paper, ribbon, and other embellishments. The result is an invitation that embodies you and your style. The invitation sets the tone of the wedding. Guest can begin to enjoy the best that is yet to come.

    Above is a scanned copy of the Calla Lily Fan Program. It is perfect for those outdoor and destination weddings. See the other shapes this company can do for you (Calla Lilly Fan Program) and have one custom designed just for you.


    Above photo by Macintosh Smith at the Let's Get Married In Harlem Bridal Expo. This may seem like an extravagant accessory for your wedding but as Tony of The Fur Studio tells me his prices are incredible. You can have a fur coat on your special day and this garment will not be worn only one time.

    The Fur Studio creates all kinds of fur coats for men and women alike. Here are some wedding day fur ideas:

    • Hot right now are fur shawls and little capelets in white other creamy pastel colors. Mink is fabulous but ask about other furs that can be dyed light colors
    • Carry a fur muff instead of a bouquet. Beautiful ribbons can drape down with a beautiful heirloom jewelry adornment.
    • Ask Tony about creating a fur garter.
    • If you're wearing a long sleeve dress, have some fur cuffs made for the dress
    • A mink ring bearer pillow is pretty glamorous and it's all appropriate for the bling bling rings
    • Pump up your pumps with fur ball shoe clips.

    Stop in at The Fur Studio and try on a fur for any occassion.

    • The Fur Studio
    • 216 West 30th Street
    • New York, NY
    • 212-279-3820

    Wedding Consultants or Not

    • By Charlese Brown, B.S., M.B.A. Wedding Consultant and Publisher; Charlese` Wedding Magazine TM (All Rights Reserved)

    Before you spend any money on your wedding, seek out a wedding consultant. Here?s the thing ? every bride needs help with planning and executing her wedding. The consultant does not necessarily have to be from your area. Consultants do travel! You can save thousands of dollars by just becoming knowledgeable about your choice . As a wedding consultant since 1999, I have personally met numerous potential clients that have decided to ?do it themselves? because they wanted to spend the consultant?s fee on some other part of the wedding. I have also met clients that knew right away that having a wedding consultant had to be their FIRST investment. Regardless of your viewpoint, every bride needs someone there to make sure that the ?cake arrives on time?! A consultant, for some brides, turn out to be close friends. I still stay in contact with clients that I worked with long after the wedding. Some even have babies now.

    Consultants know what you need. A good consultant can also put creative plans into play that they know can work for you. Seek out a professional with references. A consultant?s past performance is the best indicator of his/her future output. The average range for fees can range from $1000.00 (coordinator for the day) to a percentage of your guest fees. Sometimes these fees rise into the neighborhood of 10%. Be careful of consultants that will not share references. You have the right to ask questions and to see the products for yourself. The wedding consultant works for you. Along with experience, wedding consultants are being trained by a number of organizations that certify them in various aspects of wedding planning. There are a few organizations offering advanced degrees in ?consultant-ship?, as if the person has attended college where certified instructors are accountable to an accredited institution. Be wary of these degrees. Yes, as a potential client, you need to feel comfortable that the wedding consultant knows what is necessary to execute a wedding, but it also important to know that the person has studied from a reputable and accredited institution. Ask to see diplomas or certificates and investigate the institution.

    It?s your money. Make it work for you!

    When An Eyelash Falls...

    When an eyelash falls out, put it on the back of the hand, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder. If it flies off the hand your wish will be granted. Stop! wishing is for kids. Replace that eyelash or get some longer more dramatic ones from Extreme Audrey.

    These are no drug store false eyelashes. They are Xtreme Lashes; individual semi-perminant lashes. Styles vary from a natural more fuller look or a bold and dramatic flavor. The best part is, the lashes can last up to two months or more with out touch ups. That means, when you wake up in the morning you can look like the day you said I do. OK, I know that's pushing it, because your hair will be sitting on one side of your head. Maybe even a little drool that proceeds that morning breath. You may have to scurry off to the bathroom to get yourself in order, but at least your eyelashes will look fabulous. Give Audrey a call, the rest is up to you.

    Cowrie Shell Pin
    The cowrie shell pin is a simple way add some culture to any wedding gown. The pin has about 20 cowrie shells wired in the form of a flower. They also make great bridesmaids gifts. See Just Add A Little Cowrie from my Bridal Blog and get some ideas inspiration.
    Price $40.00 $40.00 USD
    S&H $7.00 $7.00

    Custom Designed Gowns

    Above Photo:

    A custom designed gown is the perfect option for those creating a very special event. You have more choices in colors, fabric and style. Custom design also allows you to include embellishments that don't exist in the bridal gown market. This gown above is in a silk satin with raffia fringe, beads and sequins at the sleeves and neck. An inspired African mask is stitched in front. Explore the idea of Custom design, your designer to get creative and explore many ideas.

    Don't let the idea of custom design scare you, it is a creative process but in the end you get what you want, a beautiful gown that you will always remember.

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